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Does God Have Primary Sources?

May 23, 2006

I was surfing through some blogs and came across Robert Driemeyer's blog on the comedy soap Box. Something in the blog today struck a nerve as he talked about Pat Robertson hearing the voice of God, but putting a disclaimer on the word of God. (note it was a May Posting, no way to permalink in to the original)

Here was my Comment and the start of a new Adventure

I realized that if Pat Robertson can misunderstand God, then in Pat's mind, God must have intended for Pat to have doubt about his beliefs in the word of God . . .

(ok I could go down an endless rant on this topic but will leave that one food for someone else to fodder with)

I was really thinking that Pat had a source, God. So God must have sources too!

Just like a CNN reporter trying to get the scoop from the latest Bush Administration creep trying to entrap someone and leak information, God must have a source.

I suppose it had better be a damn good source or else God may impose his wrath, which few people realize is none other than Parker Posey.

Now I like the wrath of god as much as the next guy, and for whatever crazy reason I even liked the wrath of god in 'Party Girl' which got played a few too many times on HBO.

Anyway this all got me to thinking about MySpace.

I've never been to myspace, but thought that if Pat's hearing the word of God, maybe I should check it out before its too late.

So I went to MySpace and was confronted with the requirement to sign up for an account.

I was feeling a little froggy, (spotted tree frog), but that has nothing to do with my story.

I decided that I might as well be honest about MyBeliefs as it is MySpace and so I signed up for an account with the name MyGod or more specifically My(first name) God(last name).

My great grandparents were followers of Luther and road the boat out of Germany to escape tyrades there and all so I have continued the evolution and feel that not only can your average person find their beliefs in a book but they can also make them up in their head.

So I did, and now I am My God, so to speak.

Now, let me state for the record that My God has no wrath and if My God did it wouldn't be Parker Posey! She's a sweet actress, but I don't take responsibility for her by God.

So I have an account and I have to figure out what to do with it. As a starter I had to come up with a URL.

Much to My God's chagrine, someone had already taken the obvious and was not available. So I tried and sure enough that was spoken for as well.

Jesus H Christ! How many one and only true gods can there be on MySpace!

So finally I had to settle on, which I'm sure is kind of like giving the finger to the poor schmuck of a god that chose to put the word 'The' in their URL.

So now MyGod has Myspace, and no one need fear the wrath of MyGod and I can promise everyone that MyGod will not talk to Pat Robertson.

Even if MyGod did speak to Pat, he wouldn't tell him that a Tsunami was going to hit the coast of the US, but he might say, "Hey Pat, don't you think its time to take a golfing trip on the coast of Florida?"

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