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Servers for Blogger were Hossed Up Today

Jun 7, 2006

The servers for Blogger were hossed up today. Everybody and their blogging brother was complaining.

Here was my steam release on the help group for blogger:

I think support has been shifted from blogger to online spreadsheets from Google.

Online spreadsheets are a much more useful tool than a blog. I personally don't intend to maintain any of my blogs any more

(Ruthless Plug follows)

Ok so I won't list them all.

Anyway spreadsheets are much more important.

I'm going to stop blogging and stard (mis-spelled in discussion group comment - shame shame on me for 'Hossing Up' my Rant) spreadsheeting immediately.

You've got to go with the flow people. If there are gremlins in the servers for blogger then go add up some numbers, sort alphabetically, maybe even try an online pivot table or lookup with an online spreadsheet.

Too many of us quit our day jobs as accountants and started blogging.

This is just Google's wake up call to get us back to work!


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