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Mystical Experience Valuation

Jul 14, 2006

What's the value of a mystical experience anyway?

Scientists have found in an experiment that surprises no one, that taking a drug ingredient known as Psilocybe Cubensis, the active component in Mushroom drugs, that the user will experience a mystical experience over 60% of time.

So what is the value of a mystical experience, does it assist people in understanding their place in the cosmos or in relation to their creator or creatress?

Does it help people get along better and fight less?

I think it could do any of these things for a number of people, but ultimately the real benefit is in showing a person the ability their body, mind and soul possesses to do, conceive and think more than what they do on a regular basis. It can demonstrate an ideal to strive for in normal life through normal means and give us a sense of compatibility and presence in the world.

Many religions offer various means of working towards and obtaining a mystical experience. Some use various chemicals, herbs, trances, dances, sleep and sensory deprivation, meditation, prayer and focus. Its all physical and mental movement towards an ideal and a connection.

For people that have experienced the mystic or come closer to the supernatural it can be a life changing event that helps them focus their concerns away from the fear sometimes associated with the afterlife and towards ways of making a good life here in the present.

Maybe if more people were treated in a way that relieved their anxiety and gave them a taste of the greater universe, they could get on with their lives and move past some of the childish bickering and squabbles that too often consume mankind.

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