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Valet Trash Service!

Sep 20, 2006

If you are considering looking for Baltimore Real Estate in the Cockeysville Maryland area, make sure that the apartment complexes you are looking at offers valet trash service. There are many amenities that come with apartments these days. The previous link has a release that offers everything from an olympic sized pool to 'valet trash service'. You really don't want to miss that!

As interest rates go up some lesser complexes don't feel the need to offer some of the better amenities because demand for apartments is increasing a bit as zero interest and adjustable rate mortgages catch up with people, but don't forget the valet trash service. There's nothing worse than living in an apartment and having to save your trash in a closet to load up in a truck and haul off to the dump once a week. Not only does it start to smell, but it can stain your carpet and that doesn't help you get your security deposit back.

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