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Look into my Eye, Look deeply into my Eye

Oct 30, 2006

Tomorrow is Halloween! 

Have you ever asked yourself if it would be fun to change your eyes?  I hear on too many occasions that I look a bit like Nicholas Cage.  I've got brown eyes and Mr. Cage is unfortunate enough to have blue eyes so the dissimilarities start there.

However, whenever I visit Las Vegas, I consider that I could shuck everything and take up a career as an impersonator (my ego is probably a little too big to actually do it, but it might be better than going to skid row if things got rough).  I think all I would need is some colored contact lenses.

Now, I no longer wear contact lenses myself after getting my eyes lasered about 5 years ago, however, for a cosmetic thing or a temporary stint or even a party just to throw people a bit, I'm all for a little prank or joke or something.

When you start thinking like that its a natural or un-natural leap of logic to considering whether or not you would consider wearing theatrical contacts to really get your weird on.

I've been going through a bit of a guru phase lately for reasons I cannot entirely fathom, but I think it has something to do with my recent career change into consulting and writing.

So for Halloween, I think I would consider playing to theme maybe and trying out some of these spiral patterned contacts.  To give that evil hypnotherapist Freud gone wrong (wasn't he wrong anyway?) type of look.

Seems like every movie or DVD that comes out has some peculiar new type of lens to get under our skin.  I even saw an entire gang of people on CSI a couple weeks back that were wearing the lenses as a kind of stupid TV gang thing.  Whatever happened to the good ol' days when people kept their theatrical lenses simple and just wanted to look like cats and scifi monsters?


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