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Nov 8, 2006

This is an article for my readers that are both readers and bloggers or even for my readers that are thinking about blogging.

You can  Make Money Online blogging by occassionaly writing sponsored articles from Blogitive.

Blogitive is a service that helps to connect Bloggers with individual sponsors looking to advertise on a single blog article.  They are  looking for reviews and write ups about their press releases and they look for the benefits of links from a blog talking about their service back to their own website.

If you have a qualifying blog(s), sign up is relatively simple, set up a user name and account, enter your blog info (url, description, and name and wait for approval.   

 All you have to do is login to the Blogitive System and check for offers to come in.  They receive offers from advertisers all day or night.  Sometimes they come in one by one and sometimes all together.

You get paid by PayPal and receive $5 per article that you write for them.  It probably won't replace your day job, but could put some extra spending money in your pocket.  There are some bloggers that make almost a thousand dollars a week with Blogitive, so if you are a serious fast typing blogger this could be very good for you!

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