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I just got done reorganizing my Store

Nov 10, 2006

My wife helped me setup certain parts of my store and if you read the last article, you know that she is the master photographer in the family.

So some of the first products that went into the store were cameras.  Now there's a little bit of a geneaology angle here.  You see my name is Brett and my middle name is Harold -> ergo Harry.  :)

I was named after my grandfather Harold and in the 1950's after he got out of the service where he served as an air reconaissance photographer, he set up a camera sales and repair store, called Harold's Camera.

So its kind of ironical or something that 50 years later I would sell cameras.  Its not the only thing on the store, my preference is for the comedy DVDs but hey.

Any hooo, I reorganized the Camera section to categorize things by brand and by Mega pixels.  I've got some good buys on these cameras as I confirmed by looking on Amazon, so I'm a little proud of my efforts so far.

If you are interested, I would be glad to help you with your own online store.  You can set one up quickly and the rates start at $29.99 per month giving you full ecommerce capability.  You can take your first order in 30 minutes after setting things up, and choose from 700,000 products to stock your store.  I've set up this page to help anyone interested in the concept.  I'm working on featuring the people that set up a store on several of my blogs.  So make sure you let me know if you start your own store today!

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