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Why does that guy have 10 rattle snakes in his mouth?

Nov 11, 2006

My daughter has tubes in her ears, but has been complaining a bit about a sore ear for a couple days.

When we checked it today it looked a little gross.  We were already planning on taking her in to get her first hair cut at the beauty parlor. 


So my wife left me with Corbin and the baby, and took her for the style session and headed to the doctor after that.

Of course, Zoe had an ear infection although it was kind of lite since the tubes were draining crap out of her ears, so she only had to get ear drops instead of the heavy duty antibiotics.

By the time Becky got home, the baby was taking a nap and Corbin and I had finished the yard and were inside putting together a podcast session.

Corbin thought that was pretty cool, we kind of browsed through the oddly enough slide show on yahoo commenting on things like, why does that guy have ten rattle snakes in his mouth?

Zoe got home and showed off her new doo and was quite cute and prowd of it.

She had seven inches taken off the back and now its all one length.

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