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Honey, Whose turn is it to Use the Car Wash Before we Have Sex?

Dec 1, 2006

Those crazy comics over at Reuters have done it again. They have come up with yet another crazy article.

The headline

Is this spray can the condom, or the mace?

This crazy story covers the concept product fresh out of Germany where sex educators are hoping to create a spray on condom product that will be ready for use in 5 seconds.

Their hope is that the product will be more effective than traditional condoms as they hope to create a spray on condom that

  • fits
  • does not slip ???

Now, I'm not sure what type of condoms are available in Germany, but I hadn't noticed the need for too many people to synch up their condoms with a belt or something to keep them from falling off.

To add crazy to crazy the device is supposed to work 'like a carwash'. The man will insert his penis into a contraption that will then spray on latex all around an hopefully evenly. There is no mention of lubricants or spermicide, so maybe that will require inserting an extra dollar before using it. There is also no mention of installing vending machines with this 'car wash' like service in the restrooms of seedy gas stations.

What will they think of next???? I'm glad these German engineers weren't working on a contraceptive for women. My wife would probably shoot me if I offered up something that coated her with latex.

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