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Turner Puts Other 'Edgy' Marketing Plans on Hold

Feb 4, 2007

If you have not subscribed or stopped by Scott Ott's website ScrappleFace you are missing out on some funny material.

This week Scott came up with one of the best jokes I have seen yet on the Boston Bomb Scare perpetrated or not by Turner Broadcasting.

You have to read the entire article, but here is a teaser to show you why you should go there and read the hole thing.

Here's the excerpt now go laugh through the whole thing!

An unnamed spokesman for Turner said the company would now review plans for the following guerrilla marketing campaigns designed to “generate buzz” about the cartoon.

– Renting a 747 painted with the show’s name and flying it past skyscrapers in major cities
– Hiring young men to show up in malls, on buses and other heavily-trafficked areas who would suddenly whip open their coats to reveal a special vest with blinking lights, and begin shouting the theme song of the show.

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