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Enlisted in the Army, Again!

Apr 21, 2007

For those of you that haven't heard, I've enlisted in the Army again.  This time instead of working as an intelligence analyst and advising Generals, I'm a full bird Colonel in the Linky Love Army and leading my own Army.

Just like the real Army the hours are brutal and the work is challenging but the people are great and I'm learning a great deal every minute of the day. 

My work in the US Army did quite a bit to prepare me for my new role in the Linky Love Army even though this time I don't need to know any thing about Russian or Iraqi order of battle.  Plus, instead of driving through the desert in a Humvee, I'm driving a laptop through the blogosphere.

One thing hasn't changed at all, I'm still lugging around a bunch of cases of coke with me just like I did in the desert (I used to deploy to the desert with 10 cases of coke!)  You do what it takes to get the mission done. 



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