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Distance Learning

Jul 9, 2007

Distance Learning programs are definitely easier to utilize for busy people.  Our sponsors Capella University offers many different types of distance learning degree programs and continuing education programs.  They recently provided a new press release about one of their professors Sara Orem that has recently published a booked on Appreciative Coaching, a sociology and teaching philosophy geared towards positive encouragement.

When you study or learn through an online program it is very important to leverage these concepts with short programs of 4-10 weeks.  This enables students to build up a history of successfully completing courses and building a foundation of knowledge and understanding for their educational path.  Programs that are extended online over a full semester are much more difficult for students to stay focused and on topic.  Online its much easier to get distracted or get lost in a course unless the professor guiding the students can help students stay on track and the length of instruction is limited to a short amount of time.

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