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Rebuilding the Hot Tub

Jul 24, 2007

In addition to the regular work I have to do, when I get home I need to start setting aside some time to catch up on projects at the house.

One of those projects include rebuilding my hot tub.  When we bought our house it came with an old seven or eight year old hot tub.  It was listed for zero dollars bought the house and really wasn't worth probably more than a thousand or $1500, but it does work well.

Our hot tub is been sitting outside all this time only protected by its Spa Cover, which are replaced last year for about $400. I probably could've found a better deal if I jumped on line but instead I looked at local stores because I was in a hurry. You can almost always find a better deal on line especially for obscure items like hot tub parts and spa covers and things of that nature. As soon as you set foot in one of those high and fancies Bost ores you're going to pay a premium.

Here's a good example of a place that might help you find a better deal than what you might find at your local high end hot tub retailer. I might even pick up a new hot tub cover myself,last year we had a big windstorm and a big old Pine tree branch fell about 50 feet and got stuck in my brand-new hot tub cover like a dart in a dart board.

Duct tape solved that problem and a little vinyl repair kit it looked that afterwards, but it wasn't like a new hot tub cover to me anymore.  I also need to take a look atfew other options that we need to upgrade our hot tub.

I like sitting in a hot tub at night and reading a book under the stars,but there's definitely a price you have to pay if you keep your hot tub outside and you don't protect it with an actual roof!

TheCoverGuy does provide a 5 year warranty and they deliver anywhere in the US.  When you are talking about spa covers that's a huge bonus.  If I had picked up my first cover there it would have been covered under warranty and I would not have had to drive 90 minutes to the opposite side of Atlanta to pick it up!

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