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Beginning the Day

Aug 18, 2007

I began the day by eating breakfast outside. All week long I've been working on getting my big rocks taking care of and put into a jar as the analogy goes.  One of the things I learned this week that sometimes your big rocks are not necessarily your most important rocks, but they still have to be done first.

breakfast by the lake

For me, this included finishing up my taxes, straightening up my books, and wrapping up the first phase of a large database implementation.

Thursday was all about recovery and yesterday was about taking care of some of those more important medium-sized rocks, like pain people the money I owe them!

Today, I had to go out and make sure that I've got some palatable and useful work in Perl the same people to do next week.  At the same time, in my spare time, I need to catch up on my writing some more so I can stay fresh and focused and centered.

Ayatollah's been a jack of all trades, recently I'm feeling more and more like one of those swiss army watches

Not only am I monitoring time on multiple continents and juggling projects through multiple businesses, but I'm performing work and duties at dozens of different levels and I'm definitely bouncing as they say.  That's what keeps things fun for me, I'd rather be busy than bored.

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