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Everything Including the Bathroom Sink

Aug 9, 2007

I mentioned that we've been preparing our house for a sale date that will probably be months down the road.  We have completely renovated the kitchen and dining room.  We tore down walls and completely redid the design and layout of the kitchen.  We replaced the floor and countertops sinks the oven and the refrigerator.  We put in patios and new decks we've read for the basement and built a laundry room.  I even installed a library in the house capable of holding hundreds of books.

We got a few small things left to do like painting the walls and replacing the carpet in the bedrooms in the living room.  Or even contemplating replacing the bathroom sinks.  We had porcelain sinks and they were nice sinks but they were set on countertops or little generic.  We have replaced one bathroom entirely and put in a marble sink and countertop that's kind of combined in one total unit.  We now to figure for going to upgrade the other two bathrooms in a similar fashion.

We have done some major renovations and repairers and we've actually done it on a shoestring budget.  We've putting quality items that we picked up on clearance and from outlet stores around the area.  We've done all the work ourselves into an anchor of labor charges.  It's been a long and slow process but it's definitely made the house better.  That should make the sale of the house even easier.  All that is left to do is to finish and list the house.

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