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My Credit Card Runneth Under

Sep 27, 2007

The joy and benefit of paying all your credit cards off is amazing. It also helps your credit a great deal and that makes you eligible for . . .

You guessed it, more great credit card offers!

The joy of receiving a credit card in the United Kingdom is that card holders receive many more protections and credit card offerings as compared to card holders in the United States.

As an example you can receive a clear credit card with a 11.9% APR from Co-operative bank credit cards. The great thing about this card is that you can make a purchase and pay no interest for up to 59 days after the date of purchase. Pay the balance off on day 58 and you pay no interest. That's a sweet deal, basically 2 months of free interest.

They also offer great deals on advantage cards, flat rate platinum credit cards and a platinum base rate tracker card that is pegged to the base rate for the Bank of England.

Now, as you know I'm heading to the Podcast and New Media Expo in t -12 hours. So I just loaded my card up with a few goodies for the show including a new mini dvd video recorder, a directional microphone, and some accessories including a bag and some mini dvd's.

I put those on my card, which I'll pay off in full before the end of my billing cycle, plus on my card I picked up a 1% cash back discount. Credit Cards are not easy to manage, but if you work very hard at it you can use them to good advantage and save more than if you pay cash.

The trick is working hard to stay on top of your credit card!

"Sponsored by Co-operative Bank"

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