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One of the Easiest Ways to Keep Your Blog Integrity and Earn Five Bucks

Oct 14, 2007

I have been excruciatingly slow to put together this video for a company that has been a very good partner for me.  I kept shooting and reshooting the video on a little digital camera, but I couldn't get the length right.  I'd edit it and it would get worse.

I then purchased a new video camera and shot the video a couple more times, but lost the disc(big mental head slap).  So I ultimately put together a bit of a montage (no idea what that means but felt right) with my original digital camera video and some footage from my trip to the Podcast Expo, where the French Maids from French Maid TV were handing out a bunch of freebies to the podcasters.

The company is PayU2Blog and they specialize in the old fashion variety of Blog Advertising

I'm talking about the original scenario where a blogger would write anything they like and include a hyperlink with a specific keyword worked into their writing.

For this PayU2Blog pays about $5 each.  They do offer up some alternative missions from time to time.  I received a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes a while back for writing a review on a vintage shoe site, but the bread and butter (and simplicity) that makes PayU2Blogs special is there simple brand of advertising that ends up giving bloggers a huge amount of freedom in their writing.

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