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Billy Zane Resemblance to Sean Connery?

Apr 3, 2008

Just curious but do you see a resemblance to a young Sean Connery and a young (with hair) Billy Zane?

I watched this Hitchcock movie called Marnie last night (…hcock.html ) and I noticed a similarity in expression and look. Many people would argue that Sean Connery has locked up the franchise on being a male hollywood sexual icon. But in a classic movie star sort of way I think that Zane actually looks a lot like the young Sean Connery in this movie. That said Zane and Connery definitely aged differently and I do not believe the resemblance has endured.

My wife, Becky, doesn't see it at all. Just curious what do you think?

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Around the eyes, yes. But their mouths are very different. Billy Zane definitely has that classic movie star look about him.

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