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Dude, seriously?!

Apr 10, 2008

Its so beautiful here in North Carolina right now that it out to be against the law.

I'm thinking about trying to get my son to go jump in the lake and test the temperature. We have a heated lake so its never terribly bad, but we have had a lot of new rain lately and so some of the water may still be getting pushed through the heating system.

Edit - I grew up in that fabled land known as the North tunneling my way through 8 feet of snow for 3 miles up hill against the wind emerging at the end of my digging trek to emerge at my bus stop only to learn that I had missed the bus by 20 seconds (due to falling through a weak spot of ice in a northern lake) and so had to then run to school along the road in wet clothes with an out door temperature of -20 (-55 with the wind chill) for 10 miles at a 5 minute and 30 second per mile pace so that I could get to school on time to study hard an become valedictorian (ok that last part is a fib, but I might have been in the top 20 or 50) and then after school after staying late to help the teacher put together lesson plans that she didn't understand and offer up some marital advice, I would then run home at a 6 minute per mile pace, slowed down because I had to scoop snow with my trusty sandbox shovel, shoveling all the way as fast as I could so that my parents could safely drive down our long winding country road with out slipping into the ditch.

It was a tough and cold life in the North, but I survived with just a few frost bite situations and later resolved to not have to put up with the cold again until the next ice age comes in 2015. ;)

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