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Heading to Drive-In Indiana Jones and Wall-E

Jul 5, 2008

I'm packing up early today after working about 90 minutes. (Just doing some busy work while the kids took a nap after we went swimming)

The local drive-in fills up rather quickly, since there aren't that many drive-ins around anymore. So we are headed there early, to get a spot.

Being the uber geek that I am, I'm going to try setting up a WiFi network, while I'm there and doing a little experimenting before the movies start.

Wall-E is opening and that is followed by the latest Indiana Jones movie.

We'll probably pick up some supper on the way there as well, eat out when we get there and watch the movies under the stars. We only do this a couple times a year.

Its kind of fun and very nostalgic, but truthfully, not terribly practical for about a dozen reasons. :)

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