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Kicking Off My Izea Insider Team! TheLiveWriterz

Nov 20, 2008

This week I learned that I was selected as one of the Izea Insiders.  You may recall that played for this program a couple weeks ago utilizing a very long-winded article that I've room with Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10. You could kind of consider that articles not just an application into the program, but a bit of my thesis on where I've been and where I'm going in the world of social media and blogging in general.

Well I've been picked for the program, and now it's time to let the rubber meet the road.  I'm still waiting f. or a number of details myself, but while those details are coming in, I'm moving forward. To start with, I set up a Facebook group for my new IZEA insider team. (Friend me on Facebook and I can send you a group invite or search for TheLiveWriterz )

I have also set up a group on Utterli to enabled people to join up with my team the ability to communicate with myself and everyone else. I have been active at Utterli for over a year now, and find it to be a great place to help people communicate with each other, no matter if they are on a computer in an office, or traveling about the country. 

Among other things, Utterli is a fantastic blogging tool. For this reason, I'm also an utterly evangelist, and a former Utterli ambassador. With the group that I'm going to set up, I'm going to help the people in the group benefit from all of the experience and tools that I've learned how to utilize to good effect over the last few years. I'm also hoping to learn many more things for the people in the group and cross pollinate all those good ideas amongst us.

The primary goal here is to strengthen the blogosphere. To give bloggers new skills and new purpose. I want to help people deal to generate better content, be more creative, and earn a very good living doing it. :-)

So if you are interested in joining up with my team, or with one of the themes of the other IZEA insiders, drop me a comment, or send me an e-mail, or stopover at Utterli and talk to me there. We've got a lot of work to do, but it's going to be a lot of fun too.

Oh and did I mention that we're going to make a lot of money as well? 

First things first, let's get organized, and improve the quality our content and our blogs and the rest will follow! :)


I just finished putting together an initial custom theme for the new site, and getting the site itself up and running.  :)

You can check it out

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