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The sounds of Job Frustration

Mar 21, 2001

The sounds of Job Frustration

Note to whom it may concern, (Harry’'s notes to self)

I am concerned over the state and structure of your customers accounts. Despite the fact that they have the opportunity to save x% off of all purchases, they appear not to be aware of this opportunity and at best seem to be not taking any steps to seize this opportunity.

Since you are one of this customer's representatives, you need to take an active role in enabling them to atain this savings. This will benefit your relationship with your customer, improve your own financials, and provide a strengthened setting for the next round of negotiations that should begin immediately.

Furthermore, your customer seems to be taking several opportunities to actually spend more on equipment than they have originally requested (excluding the savings they are foregoing). As their representative you should be working with your customer to ensure their success in any way possible in order to ensure your own organization's success and in turn your success.

While your support team currently does not have the time, means, capability, directive, or inkling to collaborate, if you do not initiate and drive this collaboration you will gain nothing. You will have to garnish support from reluctant managers or from managers that do not yet comprehend the magnitude of this problem. Furthermore, after you do garnish their support, you will simultaneously need to engage them to begin looking towards the issues in the future that they should be addressing now, just as this issue should have been addressed in the past.

While your organization may not have the funds it needs in order to provide encompassing IT solutions, you may and should exact IT fixes for your customer given their importance and link to the success of your organization.

Finally, you will need to do all of this in addition to the work that you would normally been expected to do and have done over the last 8 months, and in addition you will need to institute processes and get approval on policy for things that you have not had to do in the past but need to be done.

Furthermore, on a monthly basis you will need to train and retrain your counterparts in your customers organization on a regular basis. So you should immediately begin putting templated form letters of instruction together for immediate distribution to all new contacts as they are identified.

Finally, you will not gain or receive any recognition or increased responsibilty for your efforts. You will just be doing your job.

thanks and good luck

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