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Harry’s Looking for a New Hair Style – Maybe

Dec 8, 2008

That title about sums up my state of mind this weekend.  I’m thinking about getting a new hairstyle.  I used to change my hairstyles like I changed my sun glasses.

These days, I’m typically less concerned. 

However, I am feeling the need for change.  I’m changing a number of other things in my life, business and work right now.  Mostly doing upgrades and improvements in a number of areas.  So as a possible natural progression, I’m thinking about changing . . .  upgrading my hair style.

Now, in the past when I made choices about changing my hairstyle, I knew exactly what I was doing, and did it. 

image Right now, I’m still in the concept stage of things.  Plus, my trusted hair dresser, Mark Lehew, lives about 800 miles away in Boca Raton.

That means if I do make a change, I either need to fly down to South Florida, smoke some cigars and have a few beers with Mark while I get my hair cut, or I’ve got to find a new hair dresser.

That raises a number of thorny issues, as I have rotten luck finding good hair stylists or barbers, Mark happens to be both, which is kind of rare.

So anyway, I’m looking through some site with sample hairstyles.  Kind of like the Zohan book, but online and supposedly current.  ;)

So here are some of the images that are either close to where I am right now in style (hence an easier transition) and / or things that look doable or something for me right now.


The image above is probably a little old for me, and the least change from where I am right now.  Plus, my hair is not that coarse.


My hair is this thin, but I’m definitely not that young any more.  I could probably make my hair look like that for about 5 minutes, but definitely wouldn’t keep it that calm for much longer.


I could probably pull this one off, but my hair would be permanently tangled after a month and I might as well go with dread locks after that.  Don’t think so.


So this is just my hair style when I have just woken up or on a windy day.  Guess the upside to this hair style is that you don’t have to shave because you hide your facial hair with the head on the top of your head.  I’ll call this the werewolf comb over.


If I cut about 7 inches off my hair, this is basically what I’d have now.  I can grow facial hair in this pattern in about well, . . . . I’d just have to shave a bit tomorrow.


This would just be waking up, spraying a bunch of hairspray in my hair as is and then putting on a decent suit and tie that I’d only wear once.

Then we move into shorter hair styles (not short, just shorter)


I could maybe do that, but my hair doesn’t have that much body to it, so I’d have to spend a lot (time) on product.


I’ve done this one before, wasn’t really my cup of tea.  Went much shorter after this one.


I just wanted to share that one.  Its either Austin Powers turned into a werewolf or the wolf man has turned dandy.


OK, so all in all this was helpful in confirming something that anyone could learn from watching Zohan.

Grilled Fish do not belong in your bum!

Well, that’s an obvious lesson, but what I really meant to say was that you can’t find a hair style in a picture book and apparently not on the inter-tubes either.  :)

The New Site at

Nov 25, 2008

The new site is live now.  Its at ( ) .  I haven’t updated the feed yet for everyone that is subscribed, but aside from this post, all future posts will go to the new site.


I’ll work to get the feed fixed as fast as I can (probably over the holidays).  :) 

I’ve still got to work some kinks out of the new site, but its not completely useless just yet.  :)

Harry is Moving!

Nov 24, 2008

Hey everyone, very soon, I’m going to be getting some new diggs, and you will be invited over for the moving party.

We finally going to move this website, There’s Something About Harry to a new location.  I’ll provide more details on this soon….

New Theme for Viral Grape Vine

Today, I built a new theme for Viral Grape Vine.  I consider this one partially complete as I have not yet been able to work my background image (a great picture of a family grape vine that we have been keeping alive for over 100 years) into the image for the site.

Here is what I have live so far.  I’m happy with the way the menu turned out, as I learned how to incorporate 301 redirects into the menu so that I can link to related locations out of the home site.


Here are some of the more recent articles from VGV:

  1. Astronauts Tinkle in Urine-to-Water Machine
  2. Armagedon News Offers up - How to Profit from the Coming Rapture
  3. How to Profit from the Coming Rapture Part 2
  4. How to Profit from the Coming Rapture Part 3
  6. Can’t Win for Losing-Darwin Award Nominee Reject

In general, I’m going to try and do about 3-4 site upgrades with brand new themes across all of my sites per week.

Tonight Iearned some cool stuff about menus, and how to incorporate hover over images into the header (even though I didn’t use that here).

I think if I can keep my hands on these things every few days, I’ll have this new skill mastered by Christmas.

Improving the Blogosphere Article

Nov 23, 2008

Here’s an article I wrote over at The LiveWriterz.  If you have not yet signed up for an Izea Insider Group, I’d like to ask you to consider joining mine. :) 

The group is open to anyone that wants to improve their blogging efforts.

In this particular article, I talk about 10 tips (plus a bonus tip) to help Pacific Rim Bloggers that have real talents, avoid being stereo typed with the thousands of Pacific Rim bloggers that write low low quality content.

10 Tips to Help ‘Good’ or ‘Improving’ Pacific Rim Bloggers Avoid Being Type Cast as ‘Bad’ Pacific Rim Bloggers

Three New Themes for 2 New Sites and 1 Old Favorite

Yesterday, I built and launched three new themes.  The first theme was for an existing website, The Solar Gold Mine Digest.  This is a site that I have been running and writing for now for over a year.  All of these new themes were designed by your truly.  This is a new skill set I have recently developed, and I’m having a lot of fun getting more experience with it.

The New Look


The Old Look (not a theme that I designed)


The other two sites are new projects.  The first is the Global Depression Survival Guide.  I’ve been preparing for the worst myself, not in terms of building a bomb shelter and stock piling food, but trying to find practical ways to keep my business thriving during the current major recession and the likely depression that it is leading into. 


We are in for some choppy times, and I’m working to insure that I am prepared for those choppy times myself, and looking to help others get prepared too.

The other site is a concept that is still a little bit undefined.  The site is the SMO Tipping Point.  The SMO stands for Social Media Optimization.  The more I work in social media and the more I expand out my efforts in Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Execution, the more I see a need for companies to optimize their efforts to get the most bang for their buck and their effort.


My work on this site will likely start out in the form of position papers, and case studies and grow out from that point based on my real world experiences in the industry.

I have not yet loaded up the last two sites with content yet.  They are virgin sites, but it won’t take me long to generate some great content and get things running there!


Harry – Playing with Pipes

Nov 22, 2008

So as yours truly was trying to get some work done today, I heard water running down on the ground under our house in the crawl space.  It was just about this time, that my wife sent my son downstairs to tell me that we had a leak…

The LiveWriterz – an Izea Insiders Group

Nov 20, 2008

Well, I just made my second pass at a custom theme for my future group site for the LiveWriterz.  There will be essentially two fronts to my efforts on this.


All of my events and general communications will come through this site There’s Something About Harry, which will likely get a make over itself.

But my individual group work, counseling, mentoring, contests, etc will go through The LiveWriterz.

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Kicking Off My Izea Insider Team! TheLiveWriterz

This week I learned that I was selected as one of the Izea Insiders.  You may recall that played for this program a couple weeks ago utilizing a very long-winded article that I've room with Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10. You could kind of consider that articles not just an application into the program, but a bit of my thesis on where I've been and where I'm going in the world of social media and blogging in general.

Well I've been picked for the program, and now it's time to let the rubber meet the road.  I'm still waiting f. or a number of details myself, but while those details are coming in, I'm moving forward. To start with, I set up a Facebook group for my new IZEA insider team. (Friend me on Facebook and I can send you a group invite or search for TheLiveWriterz )

I have also set up a group on Utterli to enabled people to join up with my team the ability to communicate with myself and everyone else. I have been active at Utterli for over a year now, and find it to be a great place to help people communicate with each other, no matter if they are on a computer in an office, or traveling about the country. 

Among other things, Utterli is a fantastic blogging tool. For this reason, I'm also an utterly evangelist, and a former Utterli ambassador. With the group that I'm going to set up, I'm going to help the people in the group benefit from all of the experience and tools that I've learned how to utilize to good effect over the last few years. I'm also hoping to learn many more things for the people in the group and cross pollinate all those good ideas amongst us.

The primary goal here is to strengthen the blogosphere. To give bloggers new skills and new purpose. I want to help people deal to generate better content, be more creative, and earn a very good living doing it. :-)

So if you are interested in joining up with my team, or with one of the themes of the other IZEA insiders, drop me a comment, or send me an e-mail, or stopover at Utterli and talk to me there. We've got a lot of work to do, but it's going to be a lot of fun too.

Oh and did I mention that we're going to make a lot of money as well? 

First things first, let's get organized, and improve the quality our content and our blogs and the rest will follow! :)


I just finished putting together an initial custom theme for the new site, and getting the site itself up and running.  :)

You can check it out

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Brrr Morning

Nov 19, 2008


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NaNoWriMo Check in Day 18

Nov 18, 2008


Its past the middle of the month. I'm at 28k in words for NaNoWriMo and the goal is to hit 50k by the end of November.

I do not expect to have a problem hitting 50,000 words, but I can rapidly see that the novel I'm working on is going to be a lot more than 50,000 words.

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Where to put the book?

Nov 16, 2008

OK, so as a novel writer, I’m a blogger first.  That means that I don’t think I can sit around and well, sit on a book until the whole thing is done.  So I think I’m going to serialize it like they used to do with novels back in the 17th century (Three Musketeers, Robinson Crusoe etc.)

I’m going to publish the chapters one at a time and space them out maybe every 3 days.  So far, I’ve written 19 chapters and about 15 of those have also been through a rough edit.

I think I’m going to offer up the book under two lines or threads.

One of the threads will be the rough edit.  Where people will see the raw book before it is edited.

The second thread will be the next draft up the chain, where I take any and all feedback from the rough draft, and fix it in the next draft.

Some of that feedback might even be used to cover future chapters when people ask questions about what is going on.  My goal is to tell a good story, as if people were sitting around listening to that story as opposed to having the story automatically unfold as if I’m a puppet master guiding people through a plot on a stage or screen. 

This should even give my audience (whomever they might be :)  ) some ability to guide the direction of the plot, and tighten things up.  Since I’m a GooseGrade user even, some of the people that contribute the most help, might even get drafted in to participate in other ways as well. 

But my biggest question with this project is “Where do I publish the book?”

I’d like to put it here on There’s Something About Harry, but this site is powered by blogger an that’s really not the ideal platform for this type of thing.  I will more likely put it on a WordPress powered site, but haven’t decided where that will be yet.  Likely a new sub domain on Softduit, I guess.  :) 


I’ll keep you posted!

Hounds in the cat food?

Nov 15, 2008


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Nov 14, 2008

Now here's a motivational poster you can sink your teeth into.

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New Webcam 2nd attempt on Utterli

Nov 13, 2008

I can play the video back today, just like last night, lets see if it flies this time.

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Good Morning

These flowers didn't get the fall is here memo. . . :)

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Good Evening from a new Webcam

Nov 12, 2008

Hi everyone, just wanted to test out a new web cam and see how its working with Utterli.

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Practicing Speech for Student Council


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Warning the House a bit

Nov 11, 2008


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Good Morning


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Weird Day Capped Off by Train Accident

OK, so this is a weird situation even for me. Today, my wife and I had a meeting with my son's principal. After the meeting, my wife and I split up in two different cars. I took my son to karate class and she took our middle daughter to collect my youngest daughter from day care.

After stopping at a gas station for a hot dog for my son, we drove to Cramerton, the small town where my son goes to karate class. We arrived and my son changed into his karate uniform in the van, while I talked to my brother on the phone.

I started noticing fire trucks going both directions on the streets, along with ambulances and several police cars. Police officers were even directing traffic by the intersection that goes underneath a train track bridge over the main street into town.

Soon, I started seeing helicopters in the sky, which for a small town is extra strange. Then about the same time, I saw a guy get out of a car parked near me, and start humping two very large cameras with telephoto lenses up the street and around the corner.

I was thinking about getting out of the car to see what was happening, when I started to see people up on the hill next to me where the train tracks were located, start to gather on the tracks looking up the tracks in the direction of the helicopters and photographer.

So with my curiosity getting peeked, I got out of the car, climbed up the steps to the tracks and started to walk a little bit near the tracks to see if I could see around the bend.

I thought maybe a train had derailed. The police weren't evacuating the town or anything so I wasn't worried about chemical spills.

I'm still talking on the phone with my brother while I'm walking and after a minute or two a police officer yelled up to myself and the other people (about 100 meters away further down the track) to clear away from the tracks.

I agree, but ask back to him what had happened.

He informs me that, 'Its a crime scene.'

Well, that was informative and not informative at all.

About the same time my sons sensei shows up. I drop my son off and drive out of the parking lot trying to figure out how to drive up the street and see what is happening, thinking there might be an article in it or something.

The police have a couple of the streets blocked off and so I start navigating a old subdivision trying to work my way up the tracks on the road.

I finally come up to a street running along the tracks, and see a freight train stopped on the tracks surrounded by some of the police cars and one ambulance and maybe some fire fighter vehicles, plus about 50 people in this town that probably has a population of 250.

I find a place to park and get out of the car, and had the conversation that you can hear with the recording that goes with this article.


In retrospect that conversation was a little weird and morbid, but keep in mind that the people I'm talking to live about 40 feet from this train track and this type of thing happens and has happened quite a bit over the years.

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Moving Dragon to My New Computer

Nov 10, 2008


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Returns not my way to spend a day

Nov 9, 2008


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Empty Parking Lot Depot

Nov 8, 2008


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Full Parking Lot at this Retailer


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Good Leafy Morning


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Leaves on the Lake

Nov 7, 2008


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CNN Projects too

Nov 4, 2008

Congrats Barack

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