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Just saw my first lightning

Apr 30, 2008

Just saw my first lightning bug of the season.

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Areola Lights at Hooters Hotel

Now I found this very funny in an over the top kind of way, but the Hooters Hotel actually has Areola lights in the hallways.

I don't even think the creators of South Park could take a concept that far . . . Well then again, their Heavy Metal episode might have.

Notice I thought up lots of stupid tags for this one. Did I miss any?

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Fight feelings of Inadequacy

Fight Depression Naturally.

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Miley Cyrus Photos: Which Offends You More?

Apr 29, 2008

Hey thepete,

I think there is a place where we disagree. In striving to identify the point at where we disagree without trying to get into an argument but just to explore the point where something about this goes wrong in the general scheme of things, I'd suggest that the issue here is not what she is wearing nor how the pictures are taken nor even what her parents allowed or did not allow. (although that last point about her parents is a lot different when it becomes an issue of them forcing her to work too much)

The issue with Miley Cyrus is not with Mile Cyrus at all. I think the point where this goes wrong happens when 'she becomes a role model'. She's not a role model.

She is an entertainer.

There is less wrong with her picture than with the marketing campaign where she has agreed to write a book of her life story (at 15!).

She's not a role model. Parents that are worried about how she dresses are in the wrong if they have not already taught their kids that she is not a role model.

Our kids (the kids that we each individually have and will have) will be much better off if they learn that an entertainer is not a role model choice option. This is so much more true even when that entertainer is a minor.

Role models are people that we individuals choose as someone that we would like to emulate or follow their example. They key here is that 'WE' including our kids (they) have the choice.

So when we, whoever we are, make the choice not to choose Miley Cyrus as our role model. When our kids make the choice to not choose Miley Cyrus as a role model, then this issue becomes a non-issue.

The problem here is not Miley Cyrus. The problem is all the kids out there that have chosen Miley Cyrus as a role model as opposed to enjoying her songs, music or acting as an entertainer.

I ran through this logic train wreck about role models about 5 months ago with the Michael Vick debacle. There was a slight difference in that issue however.

Michael Vick as an adult chose to market himself as a role model and to amass major contracts with Nike and others where he promised to uphold the image of a role model to kids.

Now in that case, he was an adult, contractually promised to be a role model, and then went and immediately took actions that were contrary to his adult contractual choices.

When he kills a dog, he's breaking his contract to a corporation and his social contract to his fans and kids that look up to him as a role model.

When Miley Cyrus as a minor chooses clothes to wear or not wear, she is just being a teenager like any other and not wearing clothing that is very different than most teenage girls now, or 10 years ago with Britney and Christina(almost identical skirts with panties showing on purpose) or 20 years ago when I was a teenager.

Now, even though I may disagree with the amount of work and scheduling that her parents put her through and allow her to endure (different issue and none of my business), if her parents are able to help her be comfortable enough with her body as it is then more power to them and her. Too many parents are completely unable to do this and their daughters end up paying a price for a long long time.

If Miley goes out and gets breast implants at age 16 or 17, I'd say they goofed, but hey so does every parent.

BTW on the Bratz vs Barbie issue. I think they are both evil. Barbie has a lot longer history of harming women dating back to the 60's. Bratz are just starting to get going on this and were ripped off (intelectual property) from Barbie anyway.

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Miley Cyrus Photos: Which Offends You More?

Brett: But that's kind of my point--she's *not* an unaltered girl. She's been altered to look and act older than she really is. Like PixelFish said, the VF photo doesn't make her look that young. And every other photo I've seen of her makes her look even older (and hotter). Personally, I don't think she looks vulnerable at all in the VF photo--I think she looks beautiful.

Regarding Barbie dolls having a bigger impact, I'm not doubting that, but I think you're underestimating the effect a Disney-owned character like Miley Cyrus has on girls. If little girls see a dinner napkin as appropriate attire for going out with friends, they just might think that's what they *must* wear to be accepted.

PixelFish: So I'm an old-fogey now?? Speak for yourself! :P No, I'm not judging Miley Cyrus, herself, I actually state very plainly that I am critical of her father for letting her do those things. I know kids have always wanted to push the limits on appropriate clothing, but that's no excuse for parents to let their kids get away with it.

For a father to let his daughter (a major role model for girls) to go out dressed like she's hoping to get on a "Girls Gone Wild" video just seems wrong to me. I think parents of kids who aren't major role models have less responsibility in this regard--I agree with Brett regarding letting girls dress (more or less) the way they want, but this is a role model. What she does decides for girls across the country what they should wear.

I have no problem with girls wanting to look pretty or even attractive--but sexy? Hot? Gorgeous? I think the media and, in this case Cyrus' dad, are rushing things and in the process setting a rotten example for girls *and* boys.

Teens her age are going to be sexual no matter what they do or what they wear, but being careful about the example they set, the media can help discourage that kind of dangerous sexualization of kids. I mean, are these kids really smart enough to judge for themselves the kind of example they should set?

The other thing that concerns me is what about our culture being one that idolizes young girls? Roger Clemens knows what I mean. O_O

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Miley Cyrus Photos: Which Offends You More?

I completely disregard everything about her and what she creates. I could care less.

As to the sexualization issue, I see things like Barbie dolls as much more destructive. Not because they insight young or old girls to dress too sexy (that's ludicrous to me), but because they build up mental images of the female form and shape that are physically impossible to achieve.

Let girls and women dress however they like, sexy or not. That's for females to decide and males to deal with (same goes vice versa).

But marketing unrealistic body shapes as the ideal for little girls is a much bigger problem.

btw when race enters the picture here its just as bad with mental images taught to young african american children that black baby dolls are more likely to be bad or ugly than white baby dolls.

At least Miley Cyrus is a real unaltered girl.

If it comes out that she gets a massive boob job, lyposuction, lip implants and purges three meals out of four, I'd would be more upset. If she were photographed in either of those pictures hanging all over a guy or another girl in a sexually implicit way, it might also be worse since she is underage, but as is, its just a girl dressed as girls dress these days and thats not a big deal.

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Miley Cyrus Photos: Which Offends You More?

Personally, I'm very worried about our culture--our media seems to treat us like children while making our children look like adults.

I don't find the so-called "topless" photo of Miley Cyrus offensive. It's quite nice, actually. What I *do* find offensive is what her father has let her do.

1) He sold away her mostly normal childhood for what?

2) She goes "topless" for a photoshoot with a distinguished, well-known photographer, but she goes out to Hollywood events dressed in a baby-T, a yellow/plaid dinner napkin and knee-high socks that would make a priest do a double take.

I'm all for sex, mind you--I think we have an absurd attitude toward sexuality. In my opinion, it's sad how violence (even now) is so much more common than sexuality--yet sexuality is way more common in *life* than violence.

That said, I think we should limit the sexualization of both males and females to those WHO ARE OLD ENOUGH.

When 16-year-old boys have six pack abs and 15-year-old girls wear socks that cover more leg than their skirts do, we have a problem.

Yes, it's our job as adults to control ourselves, but is it right to raise our kids to think this kind of overt sexuality is good at that age?

OH and btw, saying Cyrus is topless in that picture is like saying she's topless all the time. Her boobs aren't even slightly exposed!

And what's with that romance novel cover Cyrus took with her dad? Damn creepy!

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Foolish Person Parked Car at Terminal

Apr 28, 2008

I'm half surprised that HSA didn't swoop in, arrest her and take her economic stimulus check away.

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My First iReport Video on CNN

I think there is a chance that CNN might do something with the video/story I submitted on iReport this morning.…/DOC-16262


There was a big fire on Sunday, and I shot the whole thing while eating a brunch at the casino.

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Follow up, well it didn't make it to CNN despite the interview but it was exciting and a great learning experience. Have a whole new appreciation for the ireport process. I still do not think that bloggers make a good alternative to journalists, but in those weird situations where we just happen to be there with the camera running and more video editing skills than we know what to do with . . . . well have at it, just don't expect the press to send you a gift basket or a check after your work is done.

Flying Home!

just leaving the hotel to head home. Edited a news video last night and submitted to half dozen news sites. Video turned out good, but very tired.

Lots more work to do when I get home.

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My High top Office at Hooters

Apr 27, 2008

Almost feel right at home. High top desk, bar stool and a water view.

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Vegas Even Advertises on Remote Controls

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Here at the Hooters Casino

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Almost There

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Going by Fiesta

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Joe Talking about Vegas

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Heading Back to Vegas from Laughlin

My might be kind of working again. Just left the largest solar power processing plant where I got some video footage for my solar energy site.

Had mobile Utterz withdrawal this weekend.

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Show us your tatoo +Tatoo Convention Sounds

This girl was promoting custom made watches, but she most people walking by completely ignored the watches and stopped to talk to her about her tatoos.

If you look close she has a nice pixie or fairy with butterfly wings on her upper bicep/shoulder.

Michael Butler here is interviewing her about her tatoos and as you can tell he is the consummate professional. He's focused on the interview and in the zone.

note. The CEO of Victoria Secret thinks that their products might be getting a little too sexy. Most people however that have tried their new form fitting black electrical tape bras would disagree. Its all part of the new fallen angel curves promotion....

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Verizon Can't Hear Me Now-Phoneless in Nevada

Apr 26, 2008

My Verizon Wireless Treo 700p has died and I am now phoneless in Nevada.

I'm in Laughlin, Nevada and VZ has no stores at any of the malls or places here, so I can't get a replacement to see me home.

I do have Verizon Wireless insurance on the phone. This is the third phone in about 7 months from Verizon that has died.

This one started dying when it continuously started to try and switch from tower to tower and roaming to non-roaming even it had good signal on a Verizon Tower.


serenity now

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Show us your tatoo +Tatoo Convention Sounds

I had a chance to visit the Tatoo convention at the Aquarius in Laughlin Nevada during River Run 2008.

I wanted to share some of the sounds of the tatoo guns and picked up this quick footage of a girl from Montana getting a tatoo on her back, just below her neck(something about a frog for each of her kids).

Here's her reaction to the tatoo gun.

Now, I have no tatoos myself and I'm not likely to get any. When I was a kid, I did a number of self tatoos with needles and things, but they wore away after 2-3 years. I've grown past that stage a long time ago.

But for some people this is a pretty important experience. Just curious how many people here have tatoos and what they look like?

Do they look as good now as when you got them? What are you getting next?

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Meeting Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Last night was over the top cool. I'm in Laughlin Nevada for the Laughlin River Run. I've been here since Wednesday working with a Joe Klein, a partner working to rebrand his new media business. I'm also here with Michael Butler of the Rock and Roll Geek Show.

Last night we interviewed the Blackhearts of Joan Jett and the Black Hearts. We talked with Dougie Nails the lead guitarist and Thommy Price on drums, who has played with Joan since the mid 80's after playing with Billy Idol on the Rebel Yell album/tour.

Michael Butler ran a great interview with the band, and I worked as the cameraman.

Then we had a chance to casually meet and talk to Joan Jett and her keyboardist Kenny Laguna, who like Joan Jett was famously part of some great music out of the New York music scene over the last 30 years as a producer, songwriter and musician. Together they founded Blackheart records.

Joan and Kenny were extremely engaging, and it was almost the highlight of the night to get a chance to shake hands and talk with them before they went on stage later that night.

The concert was definitely the highlight. They played a great mix of new stuff and older music. The new music fit into the set very well and it was also very good.

This was my first Joan Jett concert and following the Black Crowes the night before there was a distinct contrast and some similarities. The major difference is that Joan performed very much to please the crowd. The sets weaved in and out of new and old music and got the crowd engaged and going from early on in the set. Unlike the Black Crowes (not knocking them just a different style), Joan talked to the audience throughout the set, commenting on the 'Rock n Roll Moths' that lightly swarmed the stage and the spotlights a bit to a helicopter that kept shining the spotlight outside the concert area in the hills just north of the parking lot. Probably some fight or police bust of people getting carried away.

The similarity between the two bands came in their playing ability. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts were rock solid performers playing basic rock and roll with no apologies and playing it extremely well. They weren't the groovsters that the Black Crowes were in playing resonating 20 and thirty minute songs, but what they didn't have in general hippy trippyness, they more than made up for with a rocking attitude and hint of in your face punk bravado, especially as they went through "Fetish", "Androngynous" and "Do you want to Touch Me".

As soon as the video and interview are up on Rock and Roll Geek, I'll drop everyone a link so that you can see my camera work and the interview with the band.

Michael just arrived this morning and is likely to get to work editing the video from the interview and I'm off to get to work on some projects before we go back into town tonight to cover Foreigner and some other insaneness in Laughlin.

On a side note, I lost my Black Crowes t-shirt somewhere. :) Bummer $30 down the drain, but makes the rolling papers that I bought from them at the same time for $8 even funnier. Those are now $38 rolling papers.

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Something About Black Crowes Rolling Paper

Apr 25, 2008

Last night, I left the Black Crowes concert and picked up a t-shirt and some Black Crowes rolling paper, which I paid for with my paypal card. I think the last time I bought rolling paper was in 1988.


Seemed to be something funny about having a credit card receipt for rolling paper.

Black Crowes Remedy t-shirt - $30

Black Crowes Rolling Paper - $8

Black Crowes Concert Tickets for Media - Free Baby

Laughing at rolling paper credit card receipt - Priceless

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Trapped in an elevator for 41 hours....

What we have here is a primary example of what happens when men fail to be educated in 1960's era musicals.

When this guy was stuck in an elevator for 41 hours, he really has no one to blame but his own ignorance. Any sensible person with a decent education in Julie Andrews musicals could have figured this out in about two huffs and puffs on their bangs.

Had this ignorant guy simply watched, studied, and dressed up in drag to ride elevators inspired by the Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore Musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie" he could have exercised that knowledge to apply the simple lesson of that movie.

One must dance in elevators that are not moving in order to get them moving up or down again. Elevators are notoriously flappable and often loose their groove. This creates safety issue and they are designed to stop moving until they can get their groove back on. This can only be done manually by a passenger on said elevator dancing in a spirited foot stomping, tapping, sliding manner on the elevator.

The mechanics of this has to do with the weight of the elevator and the cable that has slipped the pully groove slightly. Dancing slowly works the cable back into the groove as the elevator moves one way or the other in a process that is very similar to putting a chain back on a bicycle.

The dancing is a way to ever so slightly incrementally move the elevator one fraction of a sprocket at a time.

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Been a Great Concert

I've got better stuff than this coming but this has been a Great Concert!

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In the middle of great rift

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Backstage Pass to Black Crowes

Apr 24, 2008

Here I am in Laughlin Nevada with a backstage pass to the Black Crowes.

I love being a blogger tonight!

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Blog, Text, Utterz, Twitter or Postcard???

So in this modern age, when you take a trip, you've got a Brazillion choices as to how to send a Hey wish you were here message to your friends, family and Utterz team.

So tonight I actually put together a few postcards to send out in addition, to all the twitters, blog articles, video blog articles, text messages, video MMS, and podcasts that I've been working on.

What do you do on a regular basis when you take a trip and have you used that old fashioned concept of a post card in the last 5 years once or twice?

(note the postcards I used were free. I'm a cheap Web 2.0 bastard, I know!)

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Preparing for Laughlin River Run

I started putting this together a couple days ago, and added in some of the footage from the trip and things.

You'll see a mining town that I stopped in on the way, some bikers traveling to Laughlin the 2008 way (guy riding a bike, with his wife following in an SUV).

Plus a bit more.

The fun stuff starts happening tonight and goes through Saturday night!

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Black Crowes Tonight

I was a slow convert to the Crowes. In the early 90's (90,91) I pretty much only listened to dance music. Then I started expanding out to just about everything again.

I had a pretty eclectic musical upbringing in the seventies and eighties. So I was pretty well rounded. So I came across the Black Crowes around 1992 and have been a fan ever since.

Here's one of their videos from back when they and myself were pretty young.

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Black Crowes Tonight

Tonight, I'm checking out the Black Crowes. They have a new album out that I haven't heard much of, but I am a big fan of their older music and glad that they are back together and making music again.

This is just an out take from their site. Will let you know how it goes tonight!

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My Ghost Rider 2 Tryout Shot

I didn't get the part. My Nicolas Cage impersonation just wasn't working for the casting agent. I thought the Utterz t-shirt might help. But apparently not.


Well there's always Ghost Rider 3.

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People Rolling Into Laughlin

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People Rolling Into Laughlin

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Mad Cat Skillz

Check out Sid the cat's mad fowntane skillz.

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Penny Arcade: Twitter Shitter

That's hilariously inane :)

and PixelFish, your twittering of the arrival of your special friend, reminds me that when women live together or even sometimes work closely together, they will eventually get into synch with each other and then every month there is a big special friend , . . . umh (since I'm talking with ridiculous concepts like 'special friend' I'm going to say . . .) a special friend tea party.

Now that makes me wonder if many women following each other actively on twitter that also demark the arrival of their 'good buddy', might similarly fall into a rhythm together or if the rhythm thing is more maybe pheromonal or something.

To the original topic, I ask what next?

-I'm picking my nose now

-I just farted, for twits in a row!

-My pimple is still advancing towards white head levels

-I'm having weird sexual thoughts about a Goat with Mister Rogers and George W Bush

-Toe jam has reached a critical mass for plucking

-Toe Jam has been plucked

-I have toe jam funk on my fingers and its not coming off easy

-Ah shit, now the toe jam funk is on my keyboard and mouse

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Wifi chasing at the casino

Apr 23, 2008

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