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Trapped in an elevator for 41 hours....

Apr 25, 2008

What we have here is a primary example of what happens when men fail to be educated in 1960's era musicals.

When this guy was stuck in an elevator for 41 hours, he really has no one to blame but his own ignorance. Any sensible person with a decent education in Julie Andrews musicals could have figured this out in about two huffs and puffs on their bangs.

Had this ignorant guy simply watched, studied, and dressed up in drag to ride elevators inspired by the Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore Musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie" he could have exercised that knowledge to apply the simple lesson of that movie.

One must dance in elevators that are not moving in order to get them moving up or down again. Elevators are notoriously flappable and often loose their groove. This creates safety issue and they are designed to stop moving until they can get their groove back on. This can only be done manually by a passenger on said elevator dancing in a spirited foot stomping, tapping, sliding manner on the elevator.

The mechanics of this has to do with the weight of the elevator and the cable that has slipped the pully groove slightly. Dancing slowly works the cable back into the groove as the elevator moves one way or the other in a process that is very similar to putting a chain back on a bicycle.

The dancing is a way to ever so slightly incrementally move the elevator one fraction of a sprocket at a time.

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