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Caught! .... evidence of Sex in My Office

Apr 18, 2008

I caught some video not of the actual sex taking place in my office, but at least of the culprits, and shortly after they left, I found evidence that they had procreated in my office yet again. This started out as 2, then three and now there are four.

Before you know it, there will be a clutch.

If these turkeys (when I was a kid we called Muskogie ducks, turkey ducks) were half as smart as a McCaffrey fire lizard, you could say that I had the makings of a clutch on my hands.

Note, my interview technique is about as bland as flour. I'm trying not to spook or stress the ducks.

I have a dog that handles that work for me. I'm the good cop, she's the bad cop trained to chase ducks off the dock and out of my office, but right now they just ignore her because she is all chase and bark and no bite. She's also only got one eye.

Yup, my one eyed dog, saved from a pound when she was a one eyed puppy, chases ducks. I thought I should break the scandal now before I get too much of a duck following going.

I don't need duck activists camping in the backyard, unless they are willing to give me a link in their blog . . . .

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