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Miley Cyrus Photos: Which Offends You More?

Apr 29, 2008

Brett: But that's kind of my point--she's *not* an unaltered girl. She's been altered to look and act older than she really is. Like PixelFish said, the VF photo doesn't make her look that young. And every other photo I've seen of her makes her look even older (and hotter). Personally, I don't think she looks vulnerable at all in the VF photo--I think she looks beautiful.

Regarding Barbie dolls having a bigger impact, I'm not doubting that, but I think you're underestimating the effect a Disney-owned character like Miley Cyrus has on girls. If little girls see a dinner napkin as appropriate attire for going out with friends, they just might think that's what they *must* wear to be accepted.

PixelFish: So I'm an old-fogey now?? Speak for yourself! :P No, I'm not judging Miley Cyrus, herself, I actually state very plainly that I am critical of her father for letting her do those things. I know kids have always wanted to push the limits on appropriate clothing, but that's no excuse for parents to let their kids get away with it.

For a father to let his daughter (a major role model for girls) to go out dressed like she's hoping to get on a "Girls Gone Wild" video just seems wrong to me. I think parents of kids who aren't major role models have less responsibility in this regard--I agree with Brett regarding letting girls dress (more or less) the way they want, but this is a role model. What she does decides for girls across the country what they should wear.

I have no problem with girls wanting to look pretty or even attractive--but sexy? Hot? Gorgeous? I think the media and, in this case Cyrus' dad, are rushing things and in the process setting a rotten example for girls *and* boys.

Teens her age are going to be sexual no matter what they do or what they wear, but being careful about the example they set, the media can help discourage that kind of dangerous sexualization of kids. I mean, are these kids really smart enough to judge for themselves the kind of example they should set?

The other thing that concerns me is what about our culture being one that idolizes young girls? Roger Clemens knows what I mean. O_O

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