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The Loner

Aug 26, 1992

Not quite what you expected.
Not quite under control.
Not quite normal at all.

Always understanding through knowing eyes.
I come around, I go around.

Spiraling under fate withdrawal.
Spiraling under hate addiction.
Loving withdrawal.
Free will of additiction.

Not quite what you desired.
Not quite what you can reach.
Not quite abnormal at all.

Usually experienced through clouded eyes.
You come around, You go around.

We spiral near. We spiral far.
Our Loves spiral always upward.

Find the Beat

Aug 23, 1992

Find the beat and let it roll,
Find the beat and let it roll.

Rollin' is the beat that's Movin'
Movin' is the beat that's Groovin'
Groovin' is the beat that's Holdin'
Holdin' is the beat that's Rollin.

Find the beat and let it roll,
Find the beat and let it roll.

Damned Volcano

Aug 2, 1992

Is it the volcano's fault?


The valence that I was in had peeked or filled up. I need an energy surge or chane in path, hit and start working on the next valence. I am near rock bottom of this valence. I need only to fill my electrons up again to jump to the next shell.

The I will be prepared for what is next in life, College, Marriage or whatever I initiate next.

I just will have to remember that I must start a new revolution at that time. A revolution in myself to keep from stagnating in Beauracracy. I must keep from the anarchist of change alive. Otherwise, I won't make it out of tihs life.

Much meditation, experimentation, and education are required on the trip to fill this shell. Now that my perspective has been obtained. Initiation of coordination can take place.

Non Servium!


Jul 4, 1992

The leak of expression,
Wave duality.
The infiltration of sensation,
Personal plurality.

Relaxful body motion,
Sexual sensitivity.

Trances full of meditation,
Motive plausibility.
Mindless glamorization,
Heartless elasticity.

Worless endless body flirtation,
The chaotic spilling of the
cycle, circle around cucumo -

navigation of the point on the
map named Brett .

Straw Arrows

Jul 1, 1992

On What keeps a person going and what type of straw arrow can pierce the spine of a camel's heart . . .

I love to sleep off captivity.
Insomnia reinstates slave shackles.
My mind races to quell love's desire.
The seige of loneliness fully encompasses,
spontaneous true love.

Happy endings not in fate's store.
Agonize precognitive memories over once more,
Monsterous magnifications of mortal troubles,
Virously evolve from the very spawning cure.

Just as the venom of a serpents fang,
May give or take life's energy, Bang!

So to does the antidote poison grant,
Continuation or fatal endings for man's life struggle.

Come together Lyrics (revisited)

Jun 22, 1992

I care not what she does,
I care not what she says.
Always beggin on my knees,
Just to get what you please.
Womanizers always get what they please . . .

Come together, Right now, Over me

I care not what she is,
I care not what she was.
Always falling on my face,

Come together, Right now, Over me

I care not what she has,
I care not whom she lays,
Never vocal bout my needs.
Always so damn quiet,
Never get what I please

Come together, Right now, Slaughter me

Swampy Thoughts

Jun 16, 1992

The swamps are crawling with the absence of sex.
Everyone dies from the fear of AIDs.

My life is a waste,
Supporting the human race.

Destiny alone,
Will never see me home.

Vagabonds of old,
Make me look less than bold.

Oh, why on Earth,
Am I to live in the South?

Oh, How in hell,
Can I possibly fit in?


Jun 13, 1992

Edible Sustenance

May 23, 1992

Kelly of one and only first Kelly.

Love of one and only thirst Love.
Malice of uncertainty and only doubt Malice.
Nearness of mind and only longing Nearness.

Obtaining of friendship and only shallowness Obtained.
Personalization of stoicism and only loneliness Personalized.
Quark of deceit and only hollow Quark.

Response of absence and only wanting a Response.
Sustenance of hate and only edible Sustenance.

Southern Crucible

Apr 21, 1992

In 1992, I traveled by Greyhound bus from Boston where I had lived to Hinesville, Ga where I would live. These are the musings of my first impressions as I arrived into the bus stop . . .

I am either not going to leave here alive, leave here really F*&ked up (in the good sense), really normal (in the bad sense), or leave here really maimed.

Hard to say which, if this town is as really ass backwards as I think it is. It would make a great place to learn!

Get Ghantous!

Apr 20, 1992

I used to enjoy starting over. I believe this was soon after I had started over successfully once before.

For the first time, I sincerely believe that North Carolina and Missouri are one in the same . . .

Billboard Hell! 'Get Ghantous!'

Is it possible that only the wirey and wired can dance?

Old women are funny as hell. I believe they are even corkier than youner women with better looks.

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