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Damned Volcano

Aug 2, 1992

Is it the volcano's fault?


The valence that I was in had peeked or filled up. I need an energy surge or chane in path, hit and start working on the next valence. I am near rock bottom of this valence. I need only to fill my electrons up again to jump to the next shell.

The I will be prepared for what is next in life, College, Marriage or whatever I initiate next.

I just will have to remember that I must start a new revolution at that time. A revolution in myself to keep from stagnating in Beauracracy. I must keep from the anarchist of change alive. Otherwise, I won't make it out of tihs life.

Much meditation, experimentation, and education are required on the trip to fill this shell. Now that my perspective has been obtained. Initiation of coordination can take place.

Non Servium!

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