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I'm at the Podcast Expo!

Sep 29, 2006

I arrived last night. After not sleeping the night before, my youngest came down with chicken pox, I took the train to Atlanta's Hartsfield and flew to San Francisco and then to Ontario, California (slightly west and north of LA).

All the trains and planes that I encountered were running behind.

I had all day to get to the event, so did not sweat things much. However, once I got to the Ontario airport and started to make arrangements to get to my hotel, I quickly realized that I had Expedia'd myself. I had booked my hotel through Expedia after getting a recommendation for the hotel from the conference itself.

The problem was that in Expedia, I must have slipped up and picked the right hotel chain but the wrong hotel. I had picked the Ayres in Ontario in my Expedia search. Despite the fact that Ontario has two Ayres hotels including one Ayres hotel that was next door to the convention center, Expedia with my blissfully blind oversite, managed to book me in an Ayres hotel 40 miles away in a different town.

Fortunately, Stephanie, at the Ayres hotel near the convention center where I thought I was staying, was able to get me booked in to a terrific room, and I was later able to cancel my reservation for the incorrect Ayres with Expedia. Expedia was very helpful and so was Ayres. I did an excellent job myself of not getting to stressed out by the entire situation.

Maybe with my recent birthday I'm getting a little grace then year to compliment the tiniest portions of wisdom that I try to cultivate.

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Guerrilla Marketing on the Today Show - PayPerPost

Sep 27, 2006

So the PayPerPost Pair stormed the Today Show and got some airtime, which is fantastic. They just wrapped up a spin through the OMMA trade show, and some of the new customers they signed just started to hit. Hopefully this great air time will help fuel the fire!

I've been on a tear writing on several different blogs and the renewed enthusiasm and energy is mostly coming from PayPerPost.

Sometimes you just need a few dollars to help you focus, and that is exactly what PayPerPost does for blogging.

Check them out as they launch theirGuerilla Marketing tactics.

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Going out of Town so the kids get sick!

I'm not complaining, just remarking every time I travel out of town, one of the kids comes down with something.

This time, it appears the baby is coming down with chickenpox. A neighbor girl had chickenpox last week, and she had been vaccinated 2 years earlier. My youngest was probably exposed just 2 days before she had a doctor's appointment and you guessed it received a vaccination for the chickenpox.

So I'm flying out tomorrow and spots are starting to pop up on the baby.

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Victoria's Gel filled Secrets exposed by TSA

You might file this in the what will they think of next, but I was reading a Washingtonpost article about the updated TSA travel rules, since I'm flying to California tomorrow.

One of the last items on the list caught my attention and made me smirk (in an immature kind of way.)

Apparently the TSA has not allowed passengers to bring gel filled bras onto flights since the most recent almost terrorist incident.  Now, my first thought was that I really felt bad for all those poor souls (men and women both) that could no longer wear a padded push up bra.  The TSA didn't feel that bad, but they did relax their rule so that people that wear a padded gel bra as a prosthetic can continue to wear them on board the plane.

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Need a little time to relax and Release Stress

Its shaping up to be a pretty crazy week, flying around the country and back again. I'm leaving for the convention in Ontario and I'm excited about the trip. Today in the middle of my article writing efforts, I'm taking time out to pack and get organized and make some preparations.

Getting organized is good.

Making organized plans out of chaos is a little stressful. As I was doing some research I came across this Self Empowerment Book. I eat up these books looking for that one tidbit of unique thought or applications that I can add to my tool belt. So I'm going to try this one out and see if it will help!

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Now where did I park that blimp last night?

Last thing I remember was shot glasses falling everywhere, and now this morning I don't know where I parked my blimp!

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MP3 Comedy Reviews at TheSeriousComedySite

Sep 26, 2006

I woke up this morning and had a great idea.  I should setup a website and devote it to all things comedy.  I could even host reviews of comedy shows, tapes, dvds and even do some interviews with comics.

I was thinking this would be great, I haven't seen anyone do that before.

So I started tooling (too - ling v. -As in to Tool see also Latin. Maximums Tooliuttumus) around the internet
and found a comedy site that does all of those things already.  - MENTAL HEAD SLAP!

I think my favorite section was their MP3 Review pages. I listened to several of the reviews and they were not only on the money but they were entertaining as well.

Ah well, that would have been a lot of work anyway and since its already been done, might as well enjoy the fruit of someone else's labor!

I guess I'll keep plugging away at ComedySoapBox and maybe someday end up doing something with Comedy Central.

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Do Virgins Confess???

"I am a Virgin!"

That's what I could have said but I held back. When I was at that fantastic age when I lost my virginity, I didn't tell my partner(I was a closet Virgin).

I didn't tell her until at least a year after the fact, long after we had gone our separate ways. I had had a great experience, there was no awkwardness or problems. No horror stories or anything else. My partner was experienced, which was fine with me. However, I was not and I didn't want to screw things up by coming clean as a virgin.

Should a man tell his female partner about his virginity?
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On the opposite side of the spectrum, I've known several men and women both to openly confess to their virginity, when I knew they were definitely not virgins. It would seem that a virginal status has almost a quadra-polar popularity, amongs people that
  • Don't want to tell that they are when they are,
  • Don't want to tell that they are not when they are not,
  • Do want to tell that they are when they are, and
  • Do want to tell that they are when they are not
Its been a long time since I initially entered into and moved beyond amateur status(I've been married for almost 13 years and have 3 kids. For those of you that only consider pro's to be prostitutes and porn stars . . . well there are still some things I don't want to tell). I don't think about my past virginal status all that much, but I'm curious what other people do or have done in this situation.
Should a woman tell her male partner about her virginity?
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"When you were a virgin, did you tell your future partner that having sex would be a new experience for you?"
Or maybe more to the point, none of us can go back, however knowing what you know now, should you have told your partner, "I am a Virgin, do with me what you will!" or maybe something a little less dramatic.

I'm sure the answer to this question is going to be different for different people. Men and women will probably approach the topic differently. I'm sure that sexuality will play a part as well.

"Would a confessional virgin have a better experience if they tell the truth up front? Would they lose their chance all together?"

Should a woman tell her female partner about her virginity?
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If you were preparing to make love with a person(sometimes referred to as foreplay), and they told you that they were a virgin would that be a good thing or a bad thing?

I grew up in the seventies and eighties at a time shortly before the Surgeon General was fired for recommending educational masturbation instruction(She didn't want any school left behind).

STD's have been a societal issues for thousands of years, and there is a perception that making love with a virgin may be safer. The truth is that it is safer but not a sure fire way to avoid a disease, as we all now know that diseases can be spread from a mother to a baby.

I've never been a great teacher or mentor or anything and maybe as a result I've always preferred my partners to be rather . . . experienced and maybe a little creative.

Should a man tell his male partner about his virginity?
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Yet many older men and a few grade school teachers are interested in younger less experienced partners. Is this because these people are more interested in youthful looks or do they enjoy a little youthful eagerness and ignorance?

I'm sure a part of the issue is that some people just want to start over, take Demi Moore. She opted for a younger man, some might even say a boy toy. Does she just like them young or was she looking to start with a partner that she might be able to mold an influence into the more perfect partner? Say what you will about Bruce Willis, but I doubt that he's much of a push over.

So what do you think?
  • Should Virgin's confess up front?
  • Do they have an obligation to forwarn their partner?
  • What would you do if you were walking around in the shoes of a virgin again?

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Nasa says its going to be another hot One - hottest in 12k to 1m years

NASA planetologist team has come back with results that show that we are less than a degree from having the hottest year on record since 12,000 years ago.

What's more severe is that we are 1 degree away from having the hottest year in 3 million years.

Big deal, you might say. I can handle another degree.

Well, 3 million years ago when the earth was a little less than 1 degree warmer, it heated up the planet enough such that the oceans were 25 meters higher than they are today.

Are you ready for that kind of heat?

There's Something About Bollywood!

I've been reading more and more about Bollywood. Bollywood is a reference to the film industry in India, I believe a play on the city Bali.

Hong Kong has done some great things for film over the years. Brining not only kung fu, but the special effects that has recreated the action film genre.

Recently, we're also experiencing much more cinematic landscapes and locales that are truly unique and seem to bring the big screen back to life.

So as I read about Bollywood and its ever increasing number of films, I keep thinking that this industry is going to have a significant impact on the overall film industry. Already, Bollywood produces more films than Hollywood. In fact India has more English speaking people than the population of the United States.

The potential is huge. I've been exchanging several discussions with a new friend that tracks the Bollywood scene at Bollywood Movies.

Please stop by and check out Dream's blog sometime, and in the meantime we can wait for some new ideas to reinvigorate a great medium.

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Is John Stewart funny Down Under?

Sep 25, 2006

I just got off the phone with my brother-in-law, who recently moved from San Diego to Melbourn, Australia. Shortly after I got off the phone with him, I started wondering to myself, "Is John Stewart Funny Down Under?"

The Daily Show is one of my favorite comedy shows, and I watch it 2-3 times a week. The cathartic laughs that it brings with an irreverent style of humor might almost only work if you are in the United States, where things continue to develop in such a negative out of control way.

Are things bad enough in Australia or even in the United Kingdom for John Stewart to be considered funny?

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Addictive Free Video Games online

I keep finding myself caught up in some of these Free Online Games. Last week it was evil Mcdonalds empire. This week its extreme dodge ball. There's something about the rough basic interface that makes the game fun.

Of course having body parts fly apart like a south park episode is always good for a laugh or two.

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Happy Birthday!

To Me! I'm another year older.

Picture from my buddy Wendy at CakeSpace.

She makes some great cakes!

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Are you Affilliated?

I've been on the affilliate bandwagon for sometime now. I've made a little over a thousand dollars in affilliate related transactions, but I've never found a great fit.

I write on many different topics on several blogs and design several different websites. I do need to pay the bills and I accomplish this in part through affilliate marketing programs.

Today, I signed up with a new affilliate program called ModernClick. They belong to a CPA Network (Cost Per Action).

A CPA campaign is basically one where a website earns money when a visitor clicks on a link and completes a form or signs up for a service on the other side. This is sometimes referred to as Cost Per Lead, however in traditional cost per lead campaigns the sign up process may be very simple.

ModernClick also offers Cost Per Click, which pays a website owner when someone clicks on a link or Cost per sale that pays someone when someone clicks a link and buys something on the other end. This is a very popular aproach for Amazon as an example.

ModernClick pays by PayPal every month on the 15th of the month and they have a minimum payout of $25.

If you have a blog or website and are looking for ways to monetize that site (make money)then I'd recommend trying them. You can use this invitation to get signed up and started. - Make Money!

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PETA Handpicks Their Battles for Roaches

Those extra nice People at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals group are handpickin their battles to help the cock roaches.

They are upset with Six Flags. Six Flags parks are offering their visitors a chance unlimited line jumping privileges.

Why is PETA upset about cutting in line at Six Flags?

The visitors have to eat a live Madagascar hissing (as opposed to screaming) cockroach.

Now PETA could have chosen a many other companies to protest. Just today a report came out of Vietnam about Beer Drinkers that pony up to the bar to drink beer and eat deep fried crickets. Its not just an occassional cricket like the single hissing roach at Six Flags. Vietnam farmers are growing thousands of crickets and selling them to bar owners, where the crickets are dropped into boiling oil by the hundreds.

Does PETA have a soft spot for hissing Madagascar Roaches or a bias against Vietnamese Crickets?

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Still Tickled by PayPerPost

Sep 24, 2006

I've been writing occassionally for PayPerPost. Its been a very good and extremely motivating experience. My revenues for this experience are increasing every month, almost every week.
If you'd like more information about PayPerPost and their Consumer Generated Advertising Program, feel free to drop me a comment or email. If you have a great blog that's more than 90 days old and has been maintained with regular posts, you can diversify your advertising revenue with PayPerPost. I can vouch for their regular and timely payments and the growing PPP community includes a great bunch of people. If you want to sign up just give them my email address brettbum at yahoo dot com. (Disclaimer: I get $5 for referrals, which isn't going to make me rich or anything.)

Its not a Cure, but might Alleviate Affluenza a little Bit!

My birthday is coming up on the 25th. This means a few different things. First it means that I'm getting older, but I don't really think worry or care much about my age. I never really have.
However, more importantly it means that summer is winding down, September is almost over and the holiday season is going to start rushing in soon.

Each year I fight a war against a type of flu bug with my family. Its not the type of flu bug that keeps you trapped in bed with a fever or running for the bathroom every 20 minutes or even something worse. Its the type of flu bug that runs up your credit card bills, fills up your attic, your storage areas, your closets, your garage, and forces you to by a new home twice as big as your last home every 2 years.

Its the type of flu bug that is rapidly making manufacturer's in China wealthy and creating a new middle class in China. This same flu bug has created some of the largest land fills in the world full of garbage and debrit that will not degrade for thousands of years if ever.

I'm talking about Afluenza, the juxtaposition of affluence and influenza, the bug that makes us not only buy stuff, but buy stuff we don't really need or want. St Nicholas may have been reinvented for good wholesome reasons to spark a service back to the church or he may have been the creation of some Madison Avenue retailers around the turn of the century, but the holiday we know of as Christmas has been hijacked by consumerism infecting people with afluenza.

Each year I try to convince the family to drop the gifts and spend the funds on those things that will bring us together for more quality time and less quantity of presents, and the wrapping paper and all the things that make us nuts for a flash in the pan few seconds of gift opening, only to rush to throw away all the garbage and move on down the road to the next celebration.

Since I can't convince anyone to get away from the gift idea, I think I will attempt a slightly new direction. Offering up reusable packaging and providing gifts that can be used and will be used immediately.

I'm thinking of Gift Baskets & Christmas Gifts packed with food, or grilling stuffs, or cookies or plane tickets to come visit or something. Something has to break the cycle that seems to be rubbing out the pleasantries of Christmas and replacing it with a mad rush to haul stuff from the local Wal-Mart back to home where the package goods can be double packaged in gift wrap, then shuttled down the road to Grandma's house, where both sets of packaging will be wripped to shreds and sent to the landfill leaving something in the middle that might look remotely useful or interesting, but only gets packed up, hauled home and stored in a pile of similar things collected in previous years.

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BiPass Spaghetti Junction Scoot to Work

I live in the Atlanta area and we have a widely known monstrosity called, Spaghetti Junction.image of spaghetti junction from fhwa siteThis old image doesn't really do the mess of roads justice as it shows the roadway as an engineering marvel as opposed to the site that drivers see every day, the same picture of roadways packed bumper to bumper with cars, SUVS, Semi's and more stuck not moving anywhere. People in the Atlanta area are warned not to venture onto the interstate without three quarters of a tank of gass, pleanty of water, a little food and maybe a blanket as the interstate routinely gets shut down for several hours on end with accidents and worse.

Its a series of over passes that loop around criss crossing 2 interstates, one highway and 2-3 other streets as well.

It combines the worst traffic of Interstate 85 and Interstate 285 all in one nice big mess of a traffic jam first thing in the morning and from about 3:30 until 7 pm at night.

Part of the problem with the interstate system around the Atlanta area is that everyone drives a separate car to work. Now even if you are not a member of Greenpeace or something, too many people with too many cars some of which are oversized as well, fills up the roadways such that the interstate becomes a parking lot.

We've got to find some better ways to travel because the gridlock is going to bring our society to a hall whether or not the earth heats up or cools down and sends the human race the way of the dinosaur.

About a year ago, I chose to start driving a small motorcycle, when I need to haul my lonesome self around somewhere. Many tweens and teenagers and even a few college students have taken to getting around on electric scooters.

I think the idea of an electric scooter has some potential. These things can go up to 20 MPH up big hills and can go for almost 12 miles before they need a charge. They can carry a 400 lb person (or maybe two adults riding tandem, which would be really funny to see in the middle of a traffic jam on Spaghetti Junction.)

Maybe someday as the train system expands out around the Atlanta area, people will be able to trek to the train station on an electric scooter and ride the train into the city, and ride the scooter the rest of the way to the office where they can charge it up for a return trip that night.

Something has got to give, maybe a generation that has grown up with electric scooters will pave the way.

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There's Something about an Online Education

Completing an Online degree program is a major challenge. I have a Master's in Laws myself that I earned from St Thomas University School of Law's LLM program in International Taxation. My wife earned her Master's in Education from University of Phoenix.

Below are some myths about online education and distance learning programs.

  1. Online programs are not easy. You work from home and do not get the benefits of sitting in a classroom and speaking or talking with Professors or classmates. This is counter balanced by your opportunity to post questions in discussion forums 24 hours a day, but its not the same. If you need physical interaction with people think about how this will impact you.
  2. Online eduation requires individual motivation in the extreme. You have to absolutely be self motivated, you will not get a bi-weekly reminder to get your work, research or projects completed by a physical person. You won't get it at all, if you do not turn your computer on during the week.
  3. Online programs can be done in my spare time. Online programs take many hours of study. Just because you can study in the middle of the night, doesn't mean that you can get the studying done in 40 minutes. Expect to spend multiple hours per day 5-6 days per week.

These are just the myths. I have some online education survival tips as well which I'll post separately, but let me offer my primary tip.

If you try an online program and its not working whether its the entire program or just a single class, get out of that class or program immediately.

Online programs move very quickly, and if you are lost on a Tuesday and do not get up to speed by the end of the week you may get so far behind that you won't be able to recover. Get things straight quickly.

Last hint of a tip, if an instructor or professor cannot provide a very solid syllabus at the beginning of a course, you should seriously consider dropping the course, unless grades are not important to you. Online programs require very organized teachers, if they do not have a syllabus that is tight, odds are they will jump all over and this will make it exceptionally difficult for you to keep up with the fits and starts and adjustments they make throughout the quarter or semester.

Finally, let me leave you with 10 'No sympathy' lines that a professor of any school might give to a student. These apply double almost to an online program where you are responsible for driving your own program.

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Where to Travel in India?

Someday soon, I'm going to travel to India. I have many friends that live in India or that are originally from India and I've always wanted to see parts of the country.

That said, my international travel experience is paltry at best. So I turn to my trusty internet skills to start investigating the potential destinations and where I might stay when I get there.

Inasra, which is the combination of two words Indian + Asra, which loosely translates to Indian Shelter, offers hotel and lodging information on hotels in cities all over India.

The City of Alleppey located in Kerala offers six very interesting looking hotels.River Side Retreat - Alleppey The River Side Retreat is a family guest house operated by the owner's family, which looks great in the picture above.

Or if you want European luxury in a Kashmir setting there is the Hotel Broadway in Srinagar.Hotel Broadway in Srinagar in the State of Kashmir

Or maybe if you are looking to try an interesting setting in Goa but you are looking for an American branded hotel (for some reason ;) There is The Holiday Inn Resort Goa. Quick jibe about The Holiday Inn aside, this is a five star resort located on Mobor beach.

They all look fascinating to me, however, I've always held the desire to travel to the Kahsmir so for a vacation that will probably win the day. For business, I'll probably end up in Bangalore first!

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Woke up in the Middle of a Battle this Morning

Sep 23, 2006

This morning I woke up to the sounds of war. I have been out of the military for over 10 years. This morning when I awoke I was somewhat disorientated thinking that I had gone back in time.

I heard the sounds of war. Explosions, gunshots, blood curdling yells and screams, alarms and more.

After a couple minutes I realized that it wasn't the real thing. The smell wasn't there. No diesel fumes, no radios or static, no sulfur or smells of recent gunfire.

As I cleared the smoke in my brain, I became aware that the fighting was less war and more border squirmish between my three year old daughter and my eight year old son.

I had no idea what the fight was about, but as tensions escalated I heard my daughter yell out that she was going for reinforcements. "I'm going to tell Mommy!" she barked as if she were General MacArthur reincarnated with the veiled threat of I will return and you'll be sorry this time.

She then opened the door, while my son screamed, "Noooooo!"

Too late, he didn't really fear mommy, he feared the house alarm.

As my daughter opened the door, the house alarm went off and that's when yours truly finally got out of bed.

Was I driving like an idiot? or am I just an idiot?

Top Gear a British TV show has two presenters, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Richard Hammond was attempting to break the British land-speed record in a jet powered car near York, when he crashed at almost 300 mph.

He woke up 30 hours later and asked Jeremy Clarkson, who was originally schedule to drive the car but had other committments, Was I driving like an idiot?
image of waht appears to be a dodge or chevrolet sedan from the mid 80's with a jet engined strapped to the roof
Regardless of the answer to that question, anyone that drives in a jet powered car should first ask themselves, Am I an idiot!

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Its Tough Running an Evil McDonald's Empire

Sep 22, 2006

I took a break tonight to try and run my own evil McDonald's empire. I started by raising cattle and soy and then moved on to genetically modified soy and hormones for the cattle to make them fatter.

Once I had some cattle ready to slaughter, I hired my crew to make and sell the hamburgers. Of course, I didn't hire a lot of crew at the beginning so the customer lines were kind of long.

Then the cattle started to pile up so I launched an advertising campaigns targeted at kids. This brought people in by the droves, so I had to hire more crew, but keeping the balance!

I had to bull doze some rain forest, plant more soy, increase the number of cattle and feed the cattle industrial waste when the soy didn't grow fast enough.

I bribed some officials but ultimately went bankrupt. I think I'll stick to blogging!

If you want to run your own evil McDonald's empire check out the flash games at Zwok.

The graphics are kind of simple, but the complexity is in the ecosystem of levels. :)

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He's not going to pay a lot for that Breast!

A man in Helsinki suffering from dimensia sued a woman and her boyfriend for bilking him out of $32,000, the total of fees she charged him for fondling her breasts on ten occassions.

That's $3,200.00 per touch, or $1,600 per hand per occasion.

There was nothing special about the woman's breasts per Yahoo, but I have my suspicions. I suspect that either there was something strange or maybe this guy was just cheap and changed his mind later. Obviously, this ruling could if it ever migrated to the US could pose a problem for strip clubs, where men change their minds about the value of this type of thing the next morning after their hang over wears off and they start adding up the ATM and credit card receipts.

The courts ruled that the amount was too high based on normal life experiences, but would not rule on an appropriate fee.

So now I have to wonder if he will get all of his money back, or what ?

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It doesn't take a RateGenius to save money, but it can help

If your SUV loan is squeezing your wallet, you should consider refinancing your vehicle. Sometimes when you buy a car or SUV from the dealership, you think you are getting one deal and before you know it you are out the door and the first couple of payments roll in and the monthly amount looks OK.

But then you look into the details of the loan and realize that the dealership set you up with a variable rate loan or a large balloon payment at the end of the loan or a number of other schemes that dealerships use to get you out the door.

All of a sudden the financing part of the deal doesn't look so hot. When you find yourself in a bad financing deal, you should take steps to fix it immediately. Refinancing, selling or trading in the vehicle are all ways to start to get things fixed. Rate Genius offers Auto Refinanceoptions and will help you shop for a better rate or financing deal. They also offer other options like extended warranty plans and more.

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Country Hippy Legend Willie Nelson cited for Marijuana on a Bus

Less than a week after Toby Keith appeared on the Colbert Report and talked about how terrific Willie Nelson's dope was. Willie "the dope man" Nelson's bus was pulled over. Willie and several passengers including relatives were cited for possession of drugs (marijuana).

Police found the smell of dope 'unavoidable' after the early morning pullover. They noticed the stench as soon as the bus driver opened the door.

Police only found 1.5 pounds of pot and two-tenths of a pound of magic mushrooms.

Seventy-three year old Willie must have been getting off to a slow start since he didn't have very much dope or as much as many celebrities have recently claimed.

Several celebrities from Johnny Knoxville to Toby Keith have recently publicly commented about how strong Willie's dope is.

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Pay Per Post Rocks

Sep 20, 2006

I've been working with PayPerPost for almost 3 months now and the experience has been excellent.

Basically, they pay you to advertise on blogs. They recently setup a blog of their own to compliment their primary website. You can check out their blog and get insights from many of they other people working with PayPerPost. If you've got a blog that is at least 90 days old and has posted regular content at least every week during that time period then you might make a good candidate for their program. If you have more than one blog that meets these criteria even better.. You can only take on up to 3 assignments (called 'opportunities') each day for each of your blogs. Plus, you will need to write non-PPP blogs articles in between their assignments.

This has motivated me more and more to do what I really want to do, write!

Man Jumps off a bridge for twenty bucks

Let's say you are walking along, and you decide to count the cash in your pocket.

You keep walking, you're counting. You happen to walk across a bridge as you are walking and counting.

A breeze starts to blow as they often do on bridges and suddenly the blowing turns to a billowing gust and one of the twenty dollar bills you are counting is blown out of your hand and over the side of the bridge.

What do you do?
(note. the Bridge is on a US highway and its 50 feet over a river)

If you are Mark Giorgio, you jump over the side and go after the twenty bucks, and that's just what he did. He didn't catch it on the way down like a hero out of the Matrix or something. He hit the water and had to swim about a hundred yards down river before he got his hands back on his money again.

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Spoke with Apogee Yesterday

I spoke with a representative from Apogee yesterday. I'm in the midst of preparing for several future campaigns with 2 of the websites that I have designed and manage for my clients.

More and more I am liking the idea of turning some of the Search Engine Marketing over to an outsourced firm that can manage the program for me as I focus on other aspects of improving my clients business. All in all I was impressed with their response and offering .

I think I might even consider them for some Search Enginge Optimization Blog makeover's at some point down the road too.

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There's Something about Profit Analytics

What's better than sitting back analyzing your profits? Maybe sitting back analyzing your dream home, or yacht or your Scrooge McDuck like money vault?

All kidding aside Acorn Systems posted an article about their profit analytics software. They offer a suite of products that work together and can be linked to a companies legacy systems and databases through a combination of SQL Server 2005 and an OLAP.

What's and OLAP? It's an acronym for on Line Analytical Processing. Think of it as a server pre-programmed to ask your database or datacube to be more precise 90% of the questions and queries that you could ever think to ask it, before you ever ask it. So that when you do ask a question its already got the answer fast and ready to spit out for you almost instantly.

Its kind of like keeping an entire floor of accountants working in the backroom in a synchronous way to generate the answer on spreadsheets for every thing that happened in the last quarter last year, or forecast what is happening now or going to happen next.

To put it another way this is the type of tool that will flaten society and put small and medium sized companies on par with fortune 500 companies running million dollar hyperion systems.

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New Book on Sensational Skin

Dr. Loretta (whose full name is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo) has written a new book 'Six Weeks to Sensational skin: Dr. Loretta's Beauty Camp Handbook for your Freshest Face' is available for about $20 Link.

As much of my work is consulting and requires face-to-face first impressions, I think I might actually give this a spin. Every little thing can help!

Next up I think I'm going to have my teeth whitened too.

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Fighting the lawyers of September 11th victims

There's an interesting release about the work of a law firm named simmons jannace & stagg they took on the odd task of defending a 9/11 widow from her previous attorney.

Her orginal attorney was hired to fight for compensation from the death of her husband on 9/11. However the federal government setup the Victims Compensation Fund and did not provide any funding for attornies of the bereaved. So the original attorney sued the widow for $2,000,000 in a contingency fee.

Simmons, Jannace & Stagg fought against the size of the fee and against the jurisdiction of the filing. They convinced a federal judge that the federal government did not have jurisdiction over the matter it was deemed a state afair and the case was won.

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Weddings, Weddings and more Weddings

If your looking for something to put on a great wedding, there are many things you will need to consider. Whether you are looking ot put on a casual wedding or something more formal a store named Wedding Needs can help.

Everything from invitations to direction cards and more. A wedding is much like production or project and requires a number of components to be completed successfully. When people decied to get married they rarely wake up one day and think to themselves, "we want to have a bad wedding." Usually its almost always the opposite even if the affair is simple.

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Mission Impossible IV: Revenge of the Movie Studio

Paramount may be opening the first salvo towards Tom Cruise in their recent public debacle.

They're going to make Tom real sorry that he didn't do their bidding.  After not agreeing to Tom's contract because of a $10m group of various fees and expenses for Cruise's production company, Paramount is going to turn around and offer Brad Pitt a $40 million dollar deal, a deal he can't refuse and one that would make him the highest paid actor (I think that's for a single film) ever.

Seems like a very business like thing today on Paramounts part.  Take a movie franchise that is grossing less and less money sequel after sequel and offer a single actor more money than any actor has ever received for a film sequel or not.

Cruise may have been a little flaky in public but Paramount seems to be acting twice as flaky like a crazy girlfriend or boyfriend that just wants revenge.  I'm sure Brad Pitt will probably make a great movie, but this doesn't seem like a rational business decision on Paramount's behalf.

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Real Estate on the Brain

I'm originally from Illinois. My family has been in the real estate business for more than 50 years there. I've studied finance, taxes and even real estate.

I've moved all around the country and lived in 8 different states in the last 16 years, so I've had a bit of personal experience in real estate. For people considering the Chicago area in particular if you are looking at Bolingbrook Real Estate you should review options with NewCastle Realty Group. They cover seven counties, 211 towns and specialize in many individual neighborhoods surrounding the City of Chicago.

Many areas of Chicago itself are being reclaimed and many areas of the suburbs are still growing at a very steady pace. The Chicago area is not going through a bubble. It's just growing.

Many predictions estimate that within the next 20 years a highly technical and populated corridor stretching from Chicago down through the burbs all the way to Peoria and up from St Louis will connect to create a large inter connected mass of communities similar to many areas of California. Similar projections show corridors like this growing from Atlanta through Greenville to Charlotte North Carolina and the Phoenix to Tucson corridor is rapidly filling in with a recent addition of a 35 square mile sub division(just one sub division).

It's more important than ever to get good advice and support from your realtor when you are making a move or relocation. Its been my experience that if you suspect your getting less than stellar service from your realtor, you need to switch realtors immediately, preferably changing realty companies. Your future home is too important to risk with a firm that's not doing a great job.

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Valet Trash Service!

If you are considering looking for Baltimore Real Estate in the Cockeysville Maryland area, make sure that the apartment complexes you are looking at offers valet trash service. There are many amenities that come with apartments these days. The previous link has a release that offers everything from an olympic sized pool to 'valet trash service'. You really don't want to miss that!

As interest rates go up some lesser complexes don't feel the need to offer some of the better amenities because demand for apartments is increasing a bit as zero interest and adjustable rate mortgages catch up with people, but don't forget the valet trash service. There's nothing worse than living in an apartment and having to save your trash in a closet to load up in a truck and haul off to the dump once a week. Not only does it start to smell, but it can stain your carpet and that doesn't help you get your security deposit back.

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One of those Simple Ideas that are Amazing

Sep 19, 2006

Every now and then someone invents something that seems so obvious when you see it but absolutely defies logic before you see it.

There's this new thing called the Hercules Hooks.

Its this metal almost wire looking thing, but it goes into dry wall and can hold up to 150 pounds of weight. The hook like design allows the weight to be displaced over a wide area in a wall. You don't need tools to install it or remove it which makes it easy to take with you if you move from apartment to apartment. Not having to drill out holes tap in plastic sleeves and then screw in screws really decreases the amount of time and effort it takes to setup and decorate a room.

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The Market is dropping - Go Buy Gold

Its one of the hardest lesson to learn as an investory. Buy Low and Sell high.

It seems like such a simple thing, but it means that you have to buy when something is dropping in price. Prices don't just stay at one level, they fluctuate up and down. If you want to buy low and sell high, you've got to be prepared to buy when the price is dropping.

Oil and Gold prices have been dropping reasons so by that logic, the time to buy would be now. These markets both peaked earlier this year on concerns about political turmoil. Now they are dropping based on the idea that the turmoil is dissipating. However as much as I'd like to believe that, the world's level of turmoil hasn't really changed much over the last 6 months.

Monex has put out a release recently detailing their ability to deliver gold to your location or to your designated depository. Any investment should be diversified, precious metals should be as well, balanced with platinum and silver even investments in copper have recently proved to be profitable. Metals are only one area of investments, stocks, bond or mutual funds in all of these are additional ways that you can balance your investments such that you never have all of your eggs or ingots in one basket or vault.

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Ever-Ready Chinchilla

My kids have a Chinchilla named 'Ready'. Every few weeks we get Ready out of his cage and let him run around the downstairs on the tiled floor. (the picture on the Right is Pete from Miami, I don't have a readily available pic of Ready, but promise to provide one real soon.)

My office is downstairs and Ready must have gotten in to the office.

He proceeded to run along the wall and found a fun wire to play with. He wasn't there long, but he took the amount of time he had to gnaw through the wire for my electric stapler in about 20 different places, shorting it out.

Ready has been very lathargic since his escapade. That was about 2 weeks back. My stapler has been broke for about a week, but I didn't use it the week before that. I only tonight saw the chewed up wire and made the Ready-connection.

Even more we now think that Ready may have been zapped one or more times and gotten a little shock therapy. Poor dumb Chinchilla, he's kind of cute, but I'm rather possesive about my electric stapler.

Why do I need all the gadgets in the world?

I'm an electronics and gadget fiend.

I use techonlogy throughout my life to help me do more, have more fun, relax more, get more done, get things done faster, more efficiently, more effictively and many more things.

I'm always cycling through old gadgets and bringing in new gadgets.

Whether its on my person, in my office or when its an in car audio systems, I've got gadgets that will get things done.

I don't like to frequent online stores or even physical stores that have a limited selection. I want to have access to almost everything that's available. That's why I like Fry's in the states and Dixon's in the UK. They carry just about everything in almost every product category. I don't want some corporate buyer limiting my decision to his or her top 3 products. I like to make my own choice for my own reasons and find my own price. After all isn't that waht the internet is for, getting any gadget, any day any where at anytime?

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European Bouquet

When you'd rather not send flowers, but instead pick them yourself (assuming you have a garden or a neighbor away on vacation that has a garden ;) you might want to consider picking flowers and arranging a bouqet in the European hand tied style.

Now its not a big thing to make the arrangement yourself and you can always plunk them down in a vase or something in the house. There was a time in my life when I didn't care much about flowers, but I worked for a company that used to hold a weekly lottery for the flower arrangements that we had on display. So every few weeks someone would walk home with a huge vase load of flowers.

After having great looking flowers around the house for a while, you start to develop a taste or eye or sense of smell for a little more color and beauty in your life.

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Ethical Banking will make anyone Smile

I'm impressed with the concept of a bank touting its goal of being up front, honest and ethical. Smile is an internet bank owned by The Co-operative Bank of the United Kingdom.

Too many banks flip their rates around or make changes on a too regular basis such that customers cannot keep up with the latest rates and fees. They attempt to offer lower rates by retaining the ownership of their bank privately as opposed to listing on an exchange where fluctuations in stock prices might subject them to more frequent price changes. So if you are in the United Kindom, the Channell Islands or the Isle of Man, this could be a good option to consider, online banking with Smile.

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Ahoy me Bucko

Someday I'll think up something as silly and strange as International talk like a Pirate Day, until then I'll remain in relative obscurity.

Maybe Galactic Duck, Duck Goose Day


Pan - American dig like a miner week

or Norther Hemispheric walk like a duck month

or the Leisurerly Stroll for Greener Parks or something.

Oh no, My Kids at a Wedding!

I was reading an interesting release about wedding favors and they mentioned in the release that a lot of times when people are planning for weddings they attempt to doll up the kids or even bring them into particpate suited up in mini tuxedos and gowns, but the kids only go along for the ride so far.

They often get disenchanted with the ceremonial scene and sometimes even the dinners and party and everything else. Now for me, when I go to a wedding I like to go for the dinner and party afterwards, and I do everything I can to try and talk my wife out of bringing the kids. However, if its family especially close family, I'm going to lose that fight nine times out of ten.

So I was reading the article and they poited out a couple great ideas like one setting the kids up at their own kid friendly table. Tykes get crayons and macaroni and cheese plus chicken fingers, and offer up a kids movie for them to watch. I've even seen some weddings where someone rents or uses a hotel room just to hold the kids and they bring in a baby sitter and get everyone to RSVP for their kids need for a sitter.

Even teens will probably be more comfortable with a table not with the tykes but with kids, pre-teens or teens their own age. Now when they get to those later teen years its anybodies guess so you better ask them. And just in case your a teen after my own heart, forewarn the bartender about who the teens in the room are. No point in getting anyone hurt or in legal trouble when everyone is supposed to be having a good time.

Colleen's Raising Links and Money for the Walk!

Sep 18, 2006

My Friend Colleen from PPP is working hard to raise $2200 for the Susan G Kowen Breast Cancer Foundation. Colleen's going to walk 60 miles in 3 days.

She's asked for support from fellow PPPoster's and I offered the challenge that for every PPPoster that provides a link to Colleen's site 3 Day Mom and to my Site Maven Mapper's Information that I will offer not only a link back myself, but will pledge $2 per pair of links to our sites up to $20.

I have a feeling this is going to go very well and it is a charity and I'm feeling more charitable by the minute, so I think I may increase my pledge as things progress. . .

I didn't mention it in the original offer, but I'm providing links back myself from both my Maven Mapper's Information site and from There's Something About Harry in my sidebars and from this article/webpage also.

Here's a list of the great people that have already acted and linke to us!

  1. Cass Knits - Thanks Cass!

  2. Journal - Thanks Sandra!

  3. Whatever I feel like Thanks Amy I had you linked before, but added you in this post and at Maven Mapper's!

  4. Ankit's Life And Technology Reviews @ NSIT Good luck on Exams Ankit

  5. Clover's Blog

  6. Whisper's from the Past
  7. Lady Nova
  8. Stuck in Elmo's World
  9. Mae Synchronicity
  10. Tor's Rants
  11. Julie's Journal
  12. Marcus Williford
  13. Starring Jo

  14. Who's up next???

If I missed you or your blog, please leave me a comment and I'll get right on it!


Harry Fights Black Heads

Every few months the pores on my nose drive me nuts. So I go out and buy a pack of those Biore nose strips. Basically, you get this nose pad strip (not the type that help you breathe when your playing football) but the type that stick to your nose and peel away black heads and things lifting them right out of your clogged pores.

Now some people realize that you are supposed to clean your nose after you do this, otherwise you have just opened up a pore so that it can fill back in again and possibly get infected or launch a pimple platoon or something.

So after I do this I then proceed to wash my face with cold water several times a day for about a week ago, and then repeat the process at the end of the week. I then take a break for a month or two from it as doing this too much seems to have a negative side effect on my nose.

My skin is a little on the oily side, always has been probably always will. I'm in my thirties and don't like to walk around looking like a pre-pubescent teen having trouble with acne. Over the years I've learned a few things that help a great deal.

  1. Clean your face regularly throughout the day with water and dry with a clean paper towel
  2. Try to get a good nights sleep.
  3. Get a good heart pounding bit of exercise. It helps to get good and sweaty too to open up the pores. Then take a good hot shower to wash away the dirt and oil.
  4. Don't get over stressed.
  5. The two toughest things that I try to do is to keep my face out of the sun and keep my hands from rubbing, itching scratching etc. I've got a slightly dark complexion possibly resulting from a slight Cherokee background. The sun and my skin work well together for healthy color, but not exactly for healthy and clean poors.

So those are some of the things that I do, everyone has different skin and requires different acne solutions. Each unto their own, but some of these things are universal, especially the stress free part!

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Here’s a gem of a Rip-Off Situation is one of those websites that specializes in taking in lots of consumer complaints, rants and raves about everything under the sun. Some company does you wrong or gives you a hard time or accuses you of shoplifting powertools off the sidewalk, send in a complaint.

Here’s the rub, companies and people are complaining that the complaints at are sometimes either bogus or they have not been verified. These people and companies are accusing ripoffreport of something similar to extortion or slander or something.

So it makes perfect sense that if you have a company that is setup to take complaints about you or your company, and that company is itself either not on their game or not on the up and up, you are going to have to fight fire with fire. So now there is a group that has just issued a release that is working with these people and companies to bury Rip-Off Report ‘s search engine listings further down the results line with top search engines.

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Swap the iPod for a Hearing Aid

Many people suffer from hearing loss.  Some people are born with the inability to hear or hear well.  Others suffer hearing loss from ear infections or other illnesses, and many go through their years and suffer hearing damage form too much exposure to loud noises including loud music, heavy equipment, gunfire and mortar shells even jet planes flying over head.

Just like vision impairments, hearing impairments can be reduced or minimized by hearing aids.  These devices range from simple noise amplification devices to Cochlear Implants with many different levels of sophistication in between.

Several members of my family suffer from hearing loss. Some have wised up and now use devices to help them hear, but some still rely on techniques like lip reading and other devices to communicate. I myself experienced a slight loss of midrange sounds, and found this loss to make it very difficult to study and learn enunciations of foreign languages.

For students or people learning a new language especially those immersed in a new culture resulting from a move, its even more important to try and make use of devices that can help them hear better such that they can not only hear better, but hear and turn that noise they heard into the correct words and speach they need to communicate themselves.

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There's Something about dipping your hands in boiling Oil!

So I've chronicled some local problems with home invasions, and I've been very active with the neighborhood watch and even had the electric company out to install a street lamp today.

Well I'm not in this alone.  The fine people of Rajasthan India have problems with stolen rice and wheat.

Unable to figure out who the thieves were, the village elders passed a diktat that required 150 men to dip their hands into a pot of boiling oil to retrieve a copper ring.

The logic behind this was that if they refused they must be guilty (and smart enough not to dip their hands in boiling oil).

Apparently, either one third of the group was either smart, guilty or guilty and smart as they refused to put their hands in the oil.

The other 100 men complained to police, who arrested the village elders!  It makes me wonder if those village elders might be interested in moving to the US, I suspect that they might be able to find some city council work in New Orleans.

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Seventy-Five Thousand Home Improvement Shows

If you do a Google Search on "Home Improvement Shows" you'll probably get a result of about 75,000 listings for shows.  That's a lot of websites about shows. 

Back in the hey day of double digit interest, shows like This Old House started up but never really gained a massive following. 

Then Interest Rates dropped down to virtually nothing for a while and along came Trading Space, Ty (Tyger Burton) Pennington and Paige Davis.

Before you know it everyone is trying to figure out how to transfor each room in their house for less than a grand and not succeeding.  In the real world things cost a bit more than one grand per room, but hey it made for great TV.  Almost as great as giving away free homes to people that are so far down on their luck that it would even make President Bush shed a tear.

I'll admit I was sucked into these shows just like the rest of the country.  I'm in the middle of a bunch of projects and probably will continue to be in the middle of a bunch of projects until I sell my home.  :)

I keep harping on my need to finish my kitchen, but I've got some old windows in the house.  The thermal pains are losing their seal and I need to get somereplacement windows. There are somethings I'll tackle myself, but most of my windows are on the 2nd and 3rd floor, and I don't like working high up with glass. Mostly because if I drop it then I'll be mad at myself. So for windows I'll try and find someone that is good at installing replacement windows.

If they drop a window, I'll make sure they are bonded, insured and that I don't pay for it until its installed. :)

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Don't Ask Don't Tell Secret Prisoner detainee Bill in the Senate

Some new reports are out that the silling is mullying over a compromise in legislation to resovle conflicts amongst Republican leaders.

Last week Ex- Secretary of State and four star General Collin Powell made headlines by writing a letter to John McCain complaining about the Bush Administration's goal to alter the Geneva Convention.  Many ex war veterans in Congress quickly joined ranks to fight against the President, who served in the guard but had no war experience in the early 1970's.

So now it appears that a compromise modeled after a Clinton era legacy may bring these two groups together.

Its Don't Ask Don't Tell 2.0 now aimed at not asking and not telling about everything from Secret Prison's, torture, prisoner's of war, detainees and any one that generally pisses off the White House administration for anything. 

Administration officials are reportedly trying to win the hearts and minds of 'people who have committed their own lives to our destruction."

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There's Something about a Wiki

Sep 17, 2006

There's Something about a Wiki when you are trying to get feedback about travelling. Wiki's are excellent places to store knowledge on the internet compiling impressions from many different people and condensing it into an edited refined objective perspective with a significant amount of detail and often times personal experience.

So it makes sense that if you like to travel like I do, you want to be able to find a place that gives you good information about where you are going or where you might go. What better way to figure this out than through essentially an objective customer review edited and refined by tens, of hundreds of thousands of people.

It makes sense from a busines perspective as well. A travel company could spend a fortune on ads and copy to convince someone to travel somewhere, but a good objective review of a destination by many people that have been there can give a person the insiders view and the personal connection necessary to make the buying decision emotional and immediate. Today, travel and tourism wiki's are becoming more and more relevant and definitely a resource that should be considered. I wouldn't drive across the country without a map and usually one that's been printed. I wouldn't travel either without doing at least some research on my destination and a wiki is a great place to start

Plus, the person that travels today, can come back and refine the wiki a little bit more thus making it a living document that grows and improves over time, aging with the destination in some ways even.

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Creative Ways to use Junk Mail

Sep 16, 2006

Over the years, I've found some creative ways to use junk mail.

For a bunch of years, I used to take junk mail, say from Publisher's clearing house as an example.

I'd fold it up and stuff it in a Postage Prepaid envelope from the credit card of the day, and mail them that stuff so that they'd have to pay for the postage of my publisher's clearing house junk as it came back to them, not to mention the person that would have to open the email determine that they the Publisher's Clearing House processing center had in fact received junk mail.

Then they would have to throw it in their trash, not mine and put it in their land fill not mine.

This seemed to work pretty well, but I started to get a little lazy with my junk mailing process. Truthfully, there was just too much, and I usually stripped out anything that had my name or identify on it so that some employee from Publisher's wouldn't use my name and apply for a credit card or something. I just sent the non-personal fluff to them.

These days when energy prices are outragious, I've taken to creating Junk Mail Brickets.

First let me say that I drink too much Diet Coke (Coke Zero to be precise as I was poisoned by the regular variety of Diet Coke about a year ago.)

So I get lots of these refrigerator friendly empty boxes of Diet Coke.

I take these boxes and stuff them full of junk mail.

Stay with me now this serves two useful and practical purposes.

I take the boxes once stuffed very very full and dense, and I burn them like a log in my fireplace during the winter time. When they are stuffed tight they actually burn hot and slow just like a log would and they help heat my home. I don't cut down trees to burn or anything, I use the dead limbs and trees that fall down naturally in the fireplace. I have a nice energy efficient heater, but the fireplace burning junk mail and dead trees serves to take the edge off in the cold Georgia winters.

It also serves to destroy any trace of my identity that came in the junk mail and might be used by an identity thief.

Plus, it saves my local landfill the large amount of bio mass that would take centuries to decompose. (Note many landfills are conteplating building clean burning incinerators on site that could produce energy themselves to sell to the grid, but most don't have these yet.)

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There's Something About Kim's House and Man Hunt

Every year if not every day someone is coming up with a website for another aspect of life. Sometimes these things turn into fads and sometimes they even receive 15 minutes of fame. I remember about 6-8 years ago internet panhandling was a big new thing. Many of those people that offered up PayPal donation buttons, did make some money.

Example: You can donate a $1.00 through PayPal by hitting the button below

But I suspect that they made a lot more in experience and learned how to successfully market websites on the internet.

An offshoot of that fad was the trend for people to publicly use the internet to achieve financial goals from getting out of debt to getting rich.

That trend seems to have some longevity and I've toyed with the notion myself. It seems that among other things its very important to have a very tangible goal to write about but that you also need to be able to provide tangible updates and content about your efforts.

There's a pretty good example of this with a blog by Kim. Kim self admittedly wants to take people through her journey to find a man and a house. She writes about her efforts of the latter maybe a little more than the former. That's not to uncommon these days as keeping shelter over your head is probably more important than 'keeping' a man and many polls and demographics back this up.

You can see an example of how Kim's goal translates into content as whe writes about her efforts to paint the family room.

The point is that she constant gives her readers a view into her world so that they can make a connection. She's not panhandling like the trends of old, but she is providing a story that many people can relate to and this makes her contribution to the internet worthy. It also provides a good example of how the internet can promote connections and people to work towards goals and benchmark a little bit. Its not perfect but it is progress. We're moving from a distant strangers on the street internet to one where we are becoming closer neighbors. Some day the internet may break down barriers even further . . .

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There's Something about Doogie

A lady in Pennsylvania that is apparently an animal rights do gooder, got a call from a few people talking about a dog, Doogie, that had been abandoned (left at home chained to the ground) for several days.

The dog was not moving and appeared  to be suffering from several problems.

The lady went to check it out for herself and found the dog suffering and unable to move.  She took lots of pictures and some videos and then took the dog to the vet to get some care.

The same people that called her had called the local humane society upon the ladies advice but the humane society didn't act.

She was arrested and had to post $50,000 bound to get out of jail.  She states that she over heard the chief of police threatening to shoot her in the ass if she ever helped his own dog.

So if you think that Doogie deserves better, add something to your blog and forward this on so that this Doogie doo goooder can get some community and morale support!

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What is Social Bookmarking?

Sep 15, 2006

Most bloggers these days absorb the concept of social bookmarking like a second skin.  However, if you are relatively new to writing or reading blogs or if you haven't added social book marking sites to your batman belt of information gathering tricks on the web then you definitely will want to read this article on social bookmarking.

This article is important for many different areas of business and hospitality, however the usage of social bookmarking has a universal appeal. Essentially the concept and application of social bookmarking allows all the people on the internet to serve as raters of good and bad content, voting for or clicking for the content and descriptions that they feel most aptly describe a concept. You can still use the algorithms of a Google search, but if you aren't finding what you were looking for because the robots couldn't grasp something, you should check out sites like or Digg or Trailfire or even BlinkList.

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Blogging My A$$ Off!

I wanted to take just a quick second for a little self promotion. I've been blogging my A$$ off and enjoying every minute it of it. Hopefully you are enjoying it some too.

If you haven't had a chance, you might be interested in my Best of Viral Video Site or my technology and trends site called Maven Mapper's Information.

Stop on in and check out a funny video or catch up on some technology.

And feel free to pick up one of my 'Blogging My A$$ off! T-shirts through my store at Cafe press. prices range from $14-$16 and there are a bunch of styles and pick your size.

I've even got a Blogging my A$$ off magnet!

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The kitchen sink but not everything else

There are a couple things that can make or break the value of your new home. Kitchens and Bathrooms. Both areas can be very expensive to perform a complete overhaul. I know from first hand experience having refinished too many kitchens and bathrooms.

However, you can get a lot of bang for your buck, by replacing the kitchen sink itself. An old kitchen sink is sure to tip off a potential buyer that your kitchen is a bit outdate, while a new kitchen sink and hardware can frame up your kitchen as possibly a little retro with all the modern conveniences ( I can just hear my realtor talking now!)

Sure you could go down the street to the local home center and pick up the basic sink from their selection of 6 or 7 basins, but this is the age of the internet. You can have almost any sink available. Why not pick the sink that's perfect for you.

Now if you aren't certain about styles or matching to other items in the kitchen, you can never fail by opting for a stainless steel sink. They will go with anything and can last a lifetime.

If you are looking for something a little trendier, you can add an entirely new dimension to the look and feel of your kitchen with a copper sink.

Take some time too to make sure you know what size of a sink you need, where it will fit and install correctly and then think practically about the depth of the sink, how it will fit with your disposal unit, make sure you have the right depth on the sink that will allow your disposal to fit underneath and still make all the connections for the dishwasher and anything else work.

Two last points. When you let up your faucet put the hand held spray nozel for rinsing dishes on the right of the actual sink and the nob to turn on the water on the left. Most people are right handed and will want to reach for the spray with the right hand (lefties I'm sorry but when you are selling your house go with the averages.)

If you get things mixed up during the installation, take your time undo it and fix it!

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