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Sep 9, 2006

I collect way too many books. I never sell any of my text books and I buy books from the book store and thrift store all the time. is handy for this as they aggregate book deals from several other book stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and eCampus so you can compare prices through several sources.

So I have books coming out of my ears and off my shelves. They are double stacked and rapping around my loft. I've never counted my books, but I'd guesstimate that I have about 500 or more. I try my best never to pay full price for them. I don't resell them and I typically don't worry much about the condition as long as its legible.

For me reading its the important thing, I don't collect them to make lots of money off of them some day nor do I display them for artsy fartsy reasons - even though I do like the look of books on shelves everywhere..

I just finished a book by James Lee Burke called Pegasus Rising. Its a book in his Dave Robicheaux detectives series. These are all set just north of New Orleans and this was the first book since Hurricane Katrina hit.

The series is well developed and he's probably written over a dozen books for it now, but this was one of his better books in the series. The books are always tragic and something about the storm seems to have reignited his passion and increased the feeling in this book.

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