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Ever-Ready Chinchilla

Sep 19, 2006

My kids have a Chinchilla named 'Ready'. Every few weeks we get Ready out of his cage and let him run around the downstairs on the tiled floor. (the picture on the Right is Pete from Miami, I don't have a readily available pic of Ready, but promise to provide one real soon.)

My office is downstairs and Ready must have gotten in to the office.

He proceeded to run along the wall and found a fun wire to play with. He wasn't there long, but he took the amount of time he had to gnaw through the wire for my electric stapler in about 20 different places, shorting it out.

Ready has been very lathargic since his escapade. That was about 2 weeks back. My stapler has been broke for about a week, but I didn't use it the week before that. I only tonight saw the chewed up wire and made the Ready-connection.

Even more we now think that Ready may have been zapped one or more times and gotten a little shock therapy. Poor dumb Chinchilla, he's kind of cute, but I'm rather possesive about my electric stapler.

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