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Sep 12, 2006

I had lasic surgery on my eyes in 2001. For years I couldn't see worth a damn unless I wore contacts or glasses, and even then I couldn't quite see 20/20.

After I sat up out of the lasic chair I could see 20/40, I went home slept the night, woke up went back to the doctor's office, I could see 20/25. A month later after I was mostly healed, I could see 20/15 and 20/20 out of my left and right eyese respectively.

When I was growing up with bad eye site, I took my eyes for granted. Now that I have perfect site, I take special care of my eyes, because I don't want to go back!

When I buy sunglasses, I make sure they are the best. Rugged, polarized, well built and built to protect my eyes.

I spent about $3k getting my eyes perfect and I'm not opposed to spending a few hundred dollars every few years to give them the best protection money can buy.

I was digging around the net and found what may be one of the most comprehensive offerings of very good sunglasses and goggles on the net.

They caught my attention when I read some graphic reviews from some of their satisfied customers. GI's that that were able to keep their eyes intact while wearing their ballistic goggles. I'm no longer in the military (been out for almost a decade), however I firmly believe in going into battle with the best tools and equipment possible. After all your life is on the line.

There's been a lot of discussion about body armor, but not much about armor for the eyes. My great Uncle Eddie lost one of his eyes as a Marine during the Battle of Okinawa. My point is that some people overlook their eyes, no pun intended.

I don't make that mistake myself and hope that everyone else will consider their own eyes as well!

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2 Gabbles(comments):

I took my eyes for granted til I injured my cornea and almost needed a transplant. Eek!

Colleen said...
10:21 PM  

Great point Colleen and thanks for stopping by.

Several people in my family suffer from macular degeneration and my glaucoma pressures were starting to get in the red zone.

I partly hoped that the surgery would help release the tension on my eyese when I stopped wearing contacts so much.

Even glasses keep some of the air from getting to your eyes.

BrettBum said...
10:32 PM  

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