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I'm at the Podcast Expo!

Sep 29, 2006

I arrived last night. After not sleeping the night before, my youngest came down with chicken pox, I took the train to Atlanta's Hartsfield and flew to San Francisco and then to Ontario, California (slightly west and north of LA).

All the trains and planes that I encountered were running behind.

I had all day to get to the event, so did not sweat things much. However, once I got to the Ontario airport and started to make arrangements to get to my hotel, I quickly realized that I had Expedia'd myself. I had booked my hotel through Expedia after getting a recommendation for the hotel from the conference itself.

The problem was that in Expedia, I must have slipped up and picked the right hotel chain but the wrong hotel. I had picked the Ayres in Ontario in my Expedia search. Despite the fact that Ontario has two Ayres hotels including one Ayres hotel that was next door to the convention center, Expedia with my blissfully blind oversite, managed to book me in an Ayres hotel 40 miles away in a different town.

Fortunately, Stephanie, at the Ayres hotel near the convention center where I thought I was staying, was able to get me booked in to a terrific room, and I was later able to cancel my reservation for the incorrect Ayres with Expedia. Expedia was very helpful and so was Ayres. I did an excellent job myself of not getting to stressed out by the entire situation.

Maybe with my recent birthday I'm getting a little grace then year to compliment the tiniest portions of wisdom that I try to cultivate.

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Thanks for attending the show! Hope it was worthwhile for you.

Tim Bourquin, Founder
Podcast & Portable Media Expo

Tim Bourquin said...
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