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Mission Impossible IV: Revenge of the Movie Studio

Sep 20, 2006

Paramount may be opening the first salvo towards Tom Cruise in their recent public debacle.

They're going to make Tom real sorry that he didn't do their bidding.  After not agreeing to Tom's contract because of a $10m group of various fees and expenses for Cruise's production company, Paramount is going to turn around and offer Brad Pitt a $40 million dollar deal, a deal he can't refuse and one that would make him the highest paid actor (I think that's for a single film) ever.

Seems like a very business like thing today on Paramounts part.  Take a movie franchise that is grossing less and less money sequel after sequel and offer a single actor more money than any actor has ever received for a film sequel or not.

Cruise may have been a little flaky in public but Paramount seems to be acting twice as flaky like a crazy girlfriend or boyfriend that just wants revenge.  I'm sure Brad Pitt will probably make a great movie, but this doesn't seem like a rational business decision on Paramount's behalf.

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