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Calling for PPP Blogroll

Sep 12, 2006

This is a shout out for any fellow PPP friends. If you are on PPP, drop me a comment here and I'll make sure I add you to my blogroll.

I'd definitely appreciate a linkback. You can see the list I've started below in my sidebar "My Triple P Friends"

Drop me a comment and do please include your blog url and I'll get you setup.

I've been trying to build the blog roll for a couple weeks, but noticed that Colleen of recent fame and fortune put out the call in an article on Simple Kind of Life and I wanted to reach out with a similar great practice!

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Colleen said...
2:10 PM  

Hi, I linked you in at my main site. Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

You first caught my attention at 2 Nickels Making A Dollar

My PPP site is Divorce To Financial Freedom

I hope my link to you helps!

Good luck earning

D said...
9:50 AM  

Fellow PPP . . .

My blog is, and I've put a linkback to your site on my blog.

Blogger said...
7:05 PM  

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