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No gas relief in sight at Mustang Ranch

Sep 5, 2006

Despite petrol discounts and breaks offered down under in Australia brothels, there is no relief in sight for weary American drivers.

Brothels in Australia have offered their customers a discount of 20 cents a liter. Which in today's prices translates to a free two minute session with a 'service provider.'

The price breaks have also given Australian brothels lots of good international media exposure as their story was recently picked up by Reuters.

Brothels are legal though there are strict laws as to where they can be located. No soliciting near a church, school or residential area has a vastly different meaning down under than it does in the states, where your more inclined to hear a pitch from a vacuum cleaner sales person or a college kid selling text books as opposed to a Madame come calling with a line up of girls in tow waiting for inspection on the front steps.

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