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Its Tough Running an Evil McDonald's Empire

Sep 22, 2006

I took a break tonight to try and run my own evil McDonald's empire. I started by raising cattle and soy and then moved on to genetically modified soy and hormones for the cattle to make them fatter.

Once I had some cattle ready to slaughter, I hired my crew to make and sell the hamburgers. Of course, I didn't hire a lot of crew at the beginning so the customer lines were kind of long.

Then the cattle started to pile up so I launched an advertising campaigns targeted at kids. This brought people in by the droves, so I had to hire more crew, but keeping the balance!

I had to bull doze some rain forest, plant more soy, increase the number of cattle and feed the cattle industrial waste when the soy didn't grow fast enough.

I bribed some officials but ultimately went bankrupt. I think I'll stick to blogging!

If you want to run your own evil McDonald's empire check out the flash games at Zwok.

The graphics are kind of simple, but the complexity is in the ecosystem of levels. :)

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