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What is Social Bookmarking?

Sep 15, 2006

Most bloggers these days absorb the concept of social bookmarking like a second skin.  However, if you are relatively new to writing or reading blogs or if you haven't added social book marking sites to your batman belt of information gathering tricks on the web then you definitely will want to read this article on social bookmarking.

This article is important for many different areas of business and hospitality, however the usage of social bookmarking has a universal appeal. Essentially the concept and application of social bookmarking allows all the people on the internet to serve as raters of good and bad content, voting for or clicking for the content and descriptions that they feel most aptly describe a concept. You can still use the algorithms of a Google search, but if you aren't finding what you were looking for because the robots couldn't grasp something, you should check out sites like or Digg or Trailfire or even BlinkList.

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