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The Carnage of Silver Coinage

Apr 29, 2007

A word for our sponsors . . .

Our sponsors the Monex Deposit Company sometimes referred to by their acronym of MDC want you to know that they can provide you silver coins!

Seriously, they offer many types of precious metals from silver, to platinum to gold.  They offer it in many collectible forms from ingots, to coins to bullion and according to their latest press release now is a good time to buy.

I would probably wait just a bit longer as Silver just hit a new high and you never want to buy on the highs, but as soon as it drops, it might be worth looking into the futures markets.  I always recommend that you buy precious metals according to their market rates.  Unless you are a coin dealer, I do not recommend buying coins based on their collectible value.  Silver is going for about $14 an ounce which might help you ball park the value of any offers you might find.

Note.  I'm a writer and I just liked the title, it has nothing to do with anything other than alliteration.

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Elaborating My Position Against Religion but not necessarily Churches

As I mentioned before another very good Catholic, in fact I'm not a Catholic at all. So I don't expect to win any catholic medals anytime soon. Having said that much I have been doing quite a bit of work on behalf of the catholic church lately and that is what it is.

I've mentioned many times that I'm not in favor of religion. I'm not against churches it's more the religion that I'm against. I see individual churches is a fine place for people to come together and be social. Obviously this can be hijacked when you bring a crowd of people together you never know what to expect and this creates problems in any religion, but many religions a social gathering produces useful benefits to society.

by the way I'm using the term church is very generically here and I mean that term in my own mind in a way to represent any place that any person comes to visit with other people that have been a practice the same religion to visit socially so I can include a mosque or temple or a holy place or a lake or pond or a mountaintop that matter. It's just a place.

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When Sitcoms and Porn collide there is a big Bang

I just finished up a couple very funny books by author Mary Janice Davidson. I think they can best be described as a mix of sitcoms and not so soft porn mixed into a mystery vampire series.

Think something along the lines of Debbie Does Stephanie Plum in an Anne Rice novel.

They were pretty funny and I have a more complete review coming at my book review site, Story Addicts.

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Higher Appreciative Education Coaching

I mix of keywords! "Higher Appreciative Education Coaching"

I'm referring to a recent press release that I read regarding faculty member of Capella University, Sara Orem, PhD, recently published a book titled Appreciative Coaching: a Positive Process for Change. Capella has put out a press release describing the new book in the new educational approach described in the book for teachers and counselors administrators and others at work in higher education.

The general concept is that teachers and others should appeal to students idealism and try and motivate them to do things for their overall sense of good or well-being or improvement. Basically they're trying to get at a person's passions as they relate to build in a perfect world or a least a better world. It's no good to motivate somebody you with their passions of their passions or negative and it's no good chasing after a positive if there's no passion behind. So this book attempts to get the psychology of how to mix those items together and come up with a positive passionate result.

This (or “the following”) blog post was (or “is”) based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

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Missing Too Much- Note to self, Do It All!

It strikes me over the last two weeks that I have been missing too much.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been racing around like crazy putting in 20 hour days for the last few weeks.

I have been missing too many of the kids events from my son's soccer games, to my daughters ballet and Gymnastic events, even just being around as they play outside.  We are entering a summer long marathon where we are looking to move to North Carolina.  Simultaneously, I'm starting up a new arm of my company and building out the already existing portions of the company.

I am really feeling stretched thin right now, and I put on five pounds.  That's not such a big deal as I can spare the weight.  I did manage to get out and go jogging last week once, but I haven't been up to snuff in that area either.  I need to get on the ball and get ALL of these things done and not just some of these things done.

Note to self, Do It All!

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In the Company of

This week I have the ironic pleasure to welcome a new sponsor to There's Something about Harry. Our new sponsor is our site accepts almost any sponsor and we do not discriminate based on religion or any other matter.

Personally my family's heritage is one where I am one part Cherokee one part Baptists one part Lutheran one quarter part Catholic and a bunch of parts something else. Personally I don't believe in religion at all myself however there are many of you that do and so far sponsor I'd like to offer up catholic bibles from the

Now I don't really believe in religion myself, I do have my beliefs but they do not involve an organization set up to tell me what to believe and how to act about it. My family actually is in deep roots in this as my great-grandfather removed himself from the Catholic church after he caught a catholic priests stealing money from the poor box, so it's a little bit ironic that I have a new sponsor now is looking for assistance with catholic Bibles. :)

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Racing Around Like Crazy

I have been racing around like crazy this weekend trying to get caught up on a number of things.  I launched a new division of my company about 13 days ago, and have been devoting 20 hours a day to the new launch.

This weekend I have been working to catch up on some of the things that have slipped through the cracks, primarily my writing. Yesterday, I was able to write about 8,000 words on various topics for my various blogs, and today  I will probably double that.  Plus, Google is going through another update and it looks like several of my sites will get a nice boost, but I could have helped that along a little more if I had written more over the last couple weeks.

My momentum on these others sites is a little off so instead of jumping in PR 2 points I'm only going up by 1 point in some cases..

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Who will Personally Injure You?

I have to admit that sometimes I find the terms used to describe certain jobs as little bit amusing. I was just reading a press release by a law firm in Canada that represents a number of folks in immigration matters, in divorce in DUI matters, even in criminal affairs but this particular release was specifically talking about vancouver personal injury lawyers. They of course aren't there to personally injure you but to provide you services when you are personally injured and looking for legal cure to your troubles.

That's what got me to thinking about the particular play on words. if I'm ever in Vancouver or immigrating to Vancouver and sure I would receive excellent services through the site that provide the web release about Vancouver personal injury lawyers, but there was just something slightly amusing about the twist on words.

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Invisible Ink on FSA Form?

Apr 27, 2007

I would like to share a funny story with you.  My wife and I have two children that still attend day care.  And as such we have day care expenses, and my wife has a flexible spending account through the great school that she works for that provides us a place to deposit part of her paycheck and retrieve the funds tax-free to pay for day care bills after the fact a form over reimbursle.

Even though this saves us money for taxes, it is a big pain in the ass.  It's a lot of extra work, and it ties up our cash flow as the money goes from her check to this account.  We then have to pay for day care out of pocket with money that we don't have in our regular checking account, only to pay back your checking account with this account later on.

It's good for the IRS, but it's a major pain in the neck and cash flow problem for many people even those that have more than ample incomes to pay for day care as the hassle of filling out the forms and spending the time with it is extremely distracting.

Recently we were trying to catch up on our paperwork so we could get a reimbursement after not having one for several months.  That meant that the county that my wife works for basically had an interest free loan from us for several months, while we paid out interest on credit cards.  In some ways this is probably not worth the benefit when we look at the time lost and credit card interest compared to the taxes saved from this proposal.

For example, if we have $5,000 withheld each year, and we have a overall tax rate of say 20%, and if we assume that we can reduce her income by the full amount (which doesn't always happen) then in theory we could save $1000 on taxes.  In reality this never happens.  Now if our credit cards are charging 15 to 25% interest on $5,000 at the end of the day it's about a wash.  We could receive the castrate into our bank account so that we would have plenty of cash flow to pay for day care, and the increased speed of the cash flow to our bank account would also enable us to pay her credit card bills faster reducing our balance and reducing the interest that we pay.

I promised a funny Story

So I promised you a funny story, and I got distracted by taxes.  Look at the preceding like a set up for what's to come now that you know that I view this as a big pain in the neck, a distraction, and probably an extra expense that we don't need disguised as a tax benefit from the government.

So after not filling out one of these forms for several months, we finally requested to receive the day care and then filled out a flexible spending account form, and then took the flex will spending account for men to be signed by the day care to confirm their receipt and amounts were listed correctly on the form, which is rather stupid because we have to mail in the receipt anyway.

My wife then brought the form home to me to mail off, and as I looked at it I realized that the form is filled out with an orange felt tip pen.  And it was signed with a purple felt tip pen.

The result of this is that the form wasn't filled out and either blue or black ink which is typically required by all finance and government institutions.  So I attempted to photocopy it and turn it into something that look like black ink before it melted off because I didn't want the form to be rejected and I wanted a copy for our records in case it got lost or they told us that they couldn't accept it.

Of course the photocopy turned out to be completely blank because my photocopier couldn't read the orange felt tip pen and barely could read the purple signature.  In essence after so many months I wife the first grade teacher who's used to working with orange felt tip pens for paper correction reasons and our day care director who is also used to working with colorful felt tip pens for her children both essentially signed the forms in what could also truly be considered invisible ink!

Now I'm an accountant, and my wife used to be an accountant before she turned into a teacher, and so I found this rather funny that we were attempting to seek a reimbursement on a form filled out with invisible ink.  There's definitely some irony there, we are good friends with the day care director, but it made me laugh in the daydreaming set of my brain speculated on whether or not it would be feasible to write checks with invisible link in the future!  :)

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Enlisted in the Army, Again!

Apr 21, 2007

For those of you that haven't heard, I've enlisted in the Army again.  This time instead of working as an intelligence analyst and advising Generals, I'm a full bird Colonel in the Linky Love Army and leading my own Army.

Just like the real Army the hours are brutal and the work is challenging but the people are great and I'm learning a great deal every minute of the day. 

My work in the US Army did quite a bit to prepare me for my new role in the Linky Love Army even though this time I don't need to know any thing about Russian or Iraqi order of battle.  Plus, instead of driving through the desert in a Humvee, I'm driving a laptop through the blogosphere.

One thing hasn't changed at all, I'm still lugging around a bunch of cases of coke with me just like I did in the desert (I used to deploy to the desert with 10 cases of coke!)  You do what it takes to get the mission done. 



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Concert Season for the Reunion Groups

Apr 18, 2007

A word for our sponsors . . .

This is going to be an interesting year for reunions of mega rock bands.  The Police have come back together which is probably the biggest reunion of the year, but in addition bands such as Journey and Genesis are also touring.

Now you can bet, that tickets for these groups are going to sell out.  That's just a given there's so much pent up demand to see these groups that the tickets just won't last long.  There are many places you can turn to do by tickets for your average bands, but when the tickets sell out one of the best resources to turn to his Ticket Liquidator.

They have access to a large number of sold out concert tickets that are unavailable elsewhere.  They have tickets available for The Police in Denver and in Seattle for upcoming concerts in June.  You can even get tickets for The Police Experience in New Jersey.  Ticket Liquidator also I tickets for events that aren't sold out covering many different entertainers from Taylor Hicks to Christina Aguilera and more.

Regarding The Police, I would recommend that you buy tickets early and to early shows at that because I have a suspicion that they will probably break up towards the end of the year when they get fed up with each other again!

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New Blog Monetization Service - Get paid from Blogging

Apr 16, 2007

Here's a new site I found over the weekend.  Its called

the Linky Love Army

It looks like they are going to offer a twist on the paid to blog model, but they haven't released a lot of details yet.  From the name and some of the descriptions on their site, I'm guessing that they have found some way to promote the blogs of the bloggers earning money from article campaigns.

They are taking beta registrations right now, and I've heard through the grape vine that they may go live with the first waves of bloggers before the end of April.

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PayU2Blog Provides the Most Freedom

I have recently been very happy with the new blog sponsoring services I've been writing with since about January. The company is called PayU2Blog and their systems and processes in a number of other things are relatively simple. They send you keywords to cover in your articles each week and when you cover those keywords and include a link to the keywords you receive five dollars.

The minimum word count is very low, the lowest in the industry yet most people that write for the service end up writing more because you can write about anything you like in your articles and so you have more freedom with the service and with almost any other service that sponsors bloggers to write.

Plus the company pays out every two weeks or two times a month I believe actually and so there are faster on the pay than many other sites out there as well where the industry tends to pay on average on a monthly basis. All in all if you are looking to get paid to blog this is definitely a service that I would recommend.

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Exciting New Projects and a Break for the Taxes

I have been working on some exciting new projects all week long.

I have been starting up several new websites, including one which will help me focus on my summer task of finding a new home in relocating to North Carolina and so I'm going to exercise my ability to establish a Home Loan Focus.

I'm also preparing to cover a lot of how to tips and tricks using Microsoft software and tools.  I have a fairly extensive background and experiences using many different levels of Microsoft software and so I'm going to take a break and cover that at CafeMicrosoft.

I have also been ramping up to improve things and get things running at full speed over at my movie review site where we will feature several dozen writers of various backgrounds, I will be writing under one of the group blogs at HollywoodMoviesUSA - Comedians.

Now of course I am not neglecting my other sites, and there appears to be a great deal of things having on the political front so I do expect to spend a good deal of time over at and in particular at the blog there,  We have recently added several riders including a new writer for the state of Missouri and the state of New York.

I've got lots more cooking, but I still had time to write up pretty funny story this weekend at Comedy Soapbox, this one was inspired when my poor children were subjected to a penile enlargement commercial on the television.

Now the tax man cometh, and I'm getting ready to take a short nap and then I'm going to get up and finish my taxes and get them in in plenty of time for the deadline.  I've got a big day today, and I've been up since about 10PM last night, so it's time to catch quick catnap and then get back at things!

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Sheriff Jumps on Self- Ticketing Bandwagon

Apr 11, 2007

Apparently it's getting too hard for one Wisconsin sheriff to meet his monthly ticket quota.  So he gave himself a ticket!
Actually he was involved in a fender bender, he rear-ended someone, which pretty much means that it's his fault.

The officer that did the investigation of the accident didn't ticket to Sheriff (presumably his or her boss).  The sheriff felt bad about that in a couple weeks later wrote himself a ticket for about $160.

One of the weird things about this story is that apparently this type of things happen in Wisconsin before.  It makes me suspect that the Wisconsin police are working on our ratings-based system tied to a ticket quota.

If not, I think that sheriff might be in need of a Florida rental vacation.  I'm sure there's probably something around the police station that states, "you know you need a vacation when you wrote yourself a ticket."

Link to Sheriff gives himself a ticket - Yahoo! News

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'I Told You So!' I'm Not the Father of Anna Nicole Smith's Baby

Apr 10, 2007

Larry Birkhead is.  DNA tests have confirmed with 99.99999% accuracy that Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, sorry OJ.

This bizarre paternity suit is probably going to get a little stranger before it gets anywhere near normal.  Coming up on Friday the judge will set back down and start to look at the issue of custody of the little girl conceived by Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead.  And I'm sure 30 seconds after that they will start talking about the money.

Larry Birkhead could hardly contain himself, and probably for very good reasons as the press talk to his lawyer after interviewing him on the door step of the courthouse in the Bahamas.  You look like you wanted to jump up and down and shout,"YES!  I DID IT."

And at times even seem to break into a little bit of a dance, I'm not kidding he did.  The whole Anna Nicole Smith and has been completely bizarre and the spectacle on CNN this afternoon is even stranger.  CNN was interviewing an attorney for the man that owns the house for Anna Nicole Smith and her partner and attorney Howard Stern lived in prior to her death and which Howard Stern and her daughters live in today.

He described how his client's brother had broken into the house at Anna Nicole Smith's direction to steal laptops and other information which were then handed over to the South Carolina police to hand them over to the Florida police.  Why he didn't give them to the authorities in the Bahamas is rather strange.  The brother of the house owner is not facing any charges, and the owner of the house once his house back.  Apparently he's only providing the house for the baby right now and that probably won't last long now that the paternity issue has been stated.

In light of the fact that Anna Nicole Smith's son died in the presence of Howard Stern, and Anna Nicole Smith died in the presence of Howard Stern, and it's now revealed that Anna Nicole Smith's daughter was not the daughter of Howard Stern, it would seem that Howard Stern did potentially have a motive for murder.  With that in mind it seems rather strange that the issue of custody would be delayed three or four more days.  Isn't that inconceivable to think that the babies actually in danger right now?

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My Grandfather Always Took Naps Before he Retired

Apr 9, 2007

When I was a kid growing up, I remember my grandfather used to always come in in the middle of the afternoon and take a nap.  He was a retired, in fact he worked up until he was close to 72 or 73 years old.  I'm not talking about pencil pushing work either or jockeying the desk he was engaged in hard physical labor almost as entire life.

He didn't rush his day, he would wake up at a reasonable time in the morning have a decent breakfast and plan out his day taking notes about what he was going to do, and then you go out and start do them any work until he got tired and needed a break and come in and eat.  He'd usually go right back out and work couple hours more, but as the hottest part of the day came around you'd often come in and take a nap from anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half and then he'd go right back out and work some more till five, six or seven o'clock at night.

He ran his own business so we could set his own hours.  That didn't a surly making things easy for him, but that's how it worked and that's how he was able to be successful.  For the last year I've been taking a page from his book.  My schedule allows me to get up and work after having her reasonable breakfast and planning out my day, I work until I get tired and I grab something to eat.  I work some more if I get tired again I'll take a nap, then I'll wake up and do a little more work visit with the family when they get home from school or work and after they go to bed I'll work on into the night some more.

I work in a global schedule with partners all around the world from Ireland to Canada to Australia to Hong Kong to South America and Great Britain and Israel.  To a certain extent I need to be accessible not so much so that they can call me in the middle of the night with a problem or question, but instead so that I can pounce on an opportunity if it occurs in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning or early in the evening or afternoon.  This means that I've got to be fresh and ready, nimble and quick and ready to rock whenever things happen.

When I was in the military I used to do the same thing.  In the military I learned that when it's safe and when you have time you need to rest up eat and sleep and take care of yourself quickly so that you're prepared for whatever happens next.  You never know when you might have to go a day per day and a half three days or more without sleep or something to eat and so you better damn well be prepared for whatever contingency life for the world throws at you.

I also learned that if you're going to mix hard physical work and labor with very difficult and complicated intellectual work that you need to have your brain and body fresh and relaxed for that type of changeup.

If you'd like to gain some more insights into how a power nap can help you get ahead in whatever venture you're working on, or get a leather opinion of just how this type of thing has helped and can help others take a look at this ultimate guide to power napping.

It covers a number of excellent suggestions, many of which I've used myself many many times.  Covers in a way that is far more sustained than I could ever dream of being and might just help you stay on top of things and be successful yourself.  Who knows keeping your brain fresh might even keep you alive!

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Skeet's Brush in with a Gecko-Look a' Dat!

I'm catching up with some of my blogger friends and read a terrfic article by 'skeet'.  She writes up one of her stories about her early days and work on Hawaii.

Now, I'm sure that this story would go even better over a beer or hurricane or margarita or all three, but this is pretty funny.  I'm not exactly equipped to put myself in Skeet's shoes and imagine myself in this situation, but its very funny. 

Skeet went out to do a home inspection and ended up being the subject by one of the islands oldest residents.  Check out how she 'learned the language' of Hawaiian pidgeon.

Mahalo Skeet and Mahalo to your former visitor and personal inspector!

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Baching It

Apr 6, 2007

This week I'm playing the bachelor. My wife and children have gone to see my wife's parents and her sister and kids this week. They left on Wednesday and they will be back on Sunday.

I've been working to catch up on a great amount of work over the last couple of weeks and I'm making serious progress.

I did want to go myself and spent some time at the lake, but I had too much work to do and I just knew that if I went I would not get the work done. As we're trying to save up and prepare to move to the lake ourselves it seemed like the prudent thing to do to stay put and keep working towards that goal. Plus I have a number of people that are relying on me to finish up several websites and ramp up some business plans for them. We all have a lot riding on the potential of these ventures and so I stayed put.

I haven't been writing a lot the last two or three days as I have been doing some serious programming on several different websites. That's been keeping me busy but I'm hoping to get back to the writing this weekend I've just about got the websites finished. Plus I'm getting a little burnt on the website design and I need to exercise the writing creative side of my brain and balanced things back out again. Sometimes I find hard to shift back and forth from the creative energy needed for website design versus the creative energy needed for writing. So today I'm warming up with just a little bit of writing on a few different topics such as this one which is more or less a quick update as to what I'm up to.

More on that to follow in the not-too-distant future... :-)

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When Spring Break Is Spring Broken

Sponsored Article

Sometimes bring break is broken. This year might just be one of those years for me when spring break was broken. The week started off warm and sunny and is quickly getting very cool verging on cold and windy. I've been working all week to Spring break this year as well which never helps. As spring gets your sometimes you just need a break, but this year it just wasn't in the cards for me to take a break.

That means next year I'm not have to double up on my spring break recovery effort. (Codeword: I'm have to spend money!)
I don't like to spend money; you might even say that I'm cheap. However it does not bother me to spend money if I know that it's going to be used in a way that will help me do better in the future. Re charging on a regular basis throughout the year as a necessary component to being able to work very hard. I do believe in the work hard play hard relax hard mantra.

Next year I think I will probably take the kids down to Orlando. Our youngest will be close to three years old at that point in time and we should be old hat pretty fun family vacation. Fortunately to my connections with several sponsors, I now know where to find good deals such as good deals on Orlando hotels through our sponsor In fact they just sent me a release today reminded me of how much money I can save with them on spring break, summer break and Christmas vacation.

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Brokers that say hmmmm

Apr 4, 2007

I was on the phone with my broker today (actually right now) and I'm asking about a transfer that is 3 days over due.

When he started looking up my transaction, he kept saying, "hmmmm."  Which seemed to indicate something negative.

Finally after pulling my paper work he deduced that there was indeed a problem, hence the delay.  I could have done without the, "hmmm's"   :(

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Something About Rhyming words Neuticals, Skinceuticals . . .

Several years ago my brother had his Boxer fixed. At the time the vet offered up the possibility of selling and implanting something called Neuticals, those things to suppliment what would be cut out to make things look a little more natural and less saggy and empty. My brother passed on that chance partly because the vet was receiving enough money already.

Well now I’m wondering about something that has nothing to do with neuticals but reminded me none the less due to the name. Skinceuticals are a play on the words pharma-ceuticals and skin, combining them together in reverse order. Its basically drugs or suppliments for your skin.

Now I take vitamins these days for my body, but hadn’t really considered that maybe I should be taking something for my skin. Your skin is considered a major organ and you can’t live without it. So while a neutical might be frivolous, I now have to wonder about a skinceuticals? I wonder what my brother’s dog, Thor would think?

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Arizon Travel Guides

Apr 2, 2007

Sponsored Article

Our sponsor harnesses the power of freelance writers to create travel guides, restaurant reviews and information on hotels and destinations throughout the state of Arizona.  Their partner with Phoenix Newspapers Inc., and they recently launched a new booking site for their hotel section.  It enables viewers to filter and sort information about hotels they're interested in staying at in the Arizona area utilizing many more categories to describe their needs and requirements during their stay.

In general they provide a number of travel guides throughout the state to cover everything from the Grand Canyon down to Monument Valley and beyond.  Their guides also cover many of the cultural events, destinations and historical sites preserved throughout Arizona area all in all they provide a great resource for anyone looking for Arizona Vacations.

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Catching up on Writing

After spending most of the day yesterday with programming

the Hollywood site, I've been a little bit behind on my writing.  I did catch up quite a bit on Saturday, but it doesn't take more than a day to get by.  So today I've been working to catch up.

I have for the most part covered all of the articles on my old websites.  But I have not as yet gotten to the articles for any of my new sites and the sites that I ghost author for are in serious need of attention.  I'm hoping to catch up with the ghostwritten sites next, and then catch up on my own sites which are into bad of shape. 

But before I do any of that I have to do to finish up a campaign to promote Topicscape, a 3-D web research software program that I've been reviewing for several weeks now.

Here's a video that I created for Topicscape, actually created for videos so you can kind understand why I am behind on my writing . . .

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Smooth Day so far 12 hours to go

For the most part today has sailed by fairly smoothly.  The kids have been too much of a distraction even though they've gotten in to several fights.  My wife got one of our old video cameras out and they've been filming each other today making play movies or something like that. 

Of course my son the director, and my daughter the actress didn't see eye to eye from an artistic perspective and so they're both currently in timeout.  That's fortunate because the battery was dead on the camera the first place and needed to recharge just like the kids.

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Unique Wedding Favors Should be nice

Sponsored ARticles

Now when I think of a unique wedding favor, I think of something exotic or stranger peculiar.  A unique wedding favor could be a tip to "not get married?!" Or it could be some peculiar and obscene items to be exchanged at a bachelors or bachelorette party.

None of those items are what were talking about that when we mention unique wedding favor for our sponsor at according to their latest release they can help you figure out how to handle this situation with class. 

So if you're like me forget what you're thinking and if you're shopping for a wedding favor check out our sponsor and get your mind in the right area.  Otherwise you're certain to suffer the wrath of your spouse and possibly the people that you're gifting the wedding favor.  If you're the groom, just shut up and listen to your future bride and let her make the choices on this one!  ;)

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Preparing to Make the Advertiser How to Video

Julia from Just Julie fame tipped me off that there was a growing problem for advertisers looking to advertise the payperpost.  Now I am an advertiser and a blogger in this area and so I'm going to make a video to share with other advertisers that will enable them to walk through the process of advertising on payperpost.

As a consultant in this area in a way I'm giving up some of the trade secrets.  However I do think this will help the community and the industry advance a little bit further and it might even spur payperpost on to create their own videos.  They definitely have a production quality as they generate a rock startup show all the time but they haven't seem to be able to harness their video capability to create a how-to tutorial to show their own customers how to do business with them.  I guess that's how rock startup works.   ;)

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Worked all night in Hollywood

The worked all night last night in Hollywood trying to bring up the new Hollywood movies USA site.  I made some significant progress but a long ways to go.  I was able to enable (doesn't that sound like doublespeak) a rating system on the site there that enables people to rate an article, in this case they'll be articles about movie reviews, and have a series of stars show up to indicate how many stars eight articles/movie receives.

I also set up a system that allows people to vote on comments.  This is similar to the functionality at Digg where you can vote up or vote down a comment given a plus or minus.  I thought this was pretty cool and definitely think that that will help encourage more comments on the site.  I worked like crazy to find a good tool to include in the site that makes it easy to upload movie trailers and excerpts, however I couldn't find a tool that really worked well.  I ultimately did install one but I'm not terribly crazy about it.  The only thing that really does well is that it doesn't botch up the code if a person flips back and forth between the WYSIWYG editor and the HTML editor and WordPress. 

I found many plug-ins that promised this capability, but none of them actually seem to work very well.  Part of this seems to be due to the recent WordPress upgrade, part of it may be user error on my part and I think part of it is that these were just very basic plug-ins that weren't tested very rigorously.

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Get Your Gift Basket's Ready

Easter is almost here and I have get the kids out to an Easter egg hunt very very soon. Will line up the kids Easter bags Easter baskets and anything else will hold an Easter egg in hand will fire off the starters gun and they'll be off to go chase after eggs hidden all over the yard.

We usually do something like this with the neighbors and so is that of a community effort to hide the eggs and watch the half dozen to a dozen kids chase after them.

If you never seem to have enough Easter baskets maybe you should visit our sponsor They not only sell baskets according to their latest release but they sell great gourmet candies and other goodies inside the baskets!

So you can order Gourmet Food Gift Baskets and partake of the gifts inside the basket and then give the basket to your children for the Easter egg hunt.

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There's No Break in Spring Break this Year

Spring break is here for my wife and kids this week as they're all off from school.  However yours truly is stuck behind a computer working at a frantic pace.  It doesn't look like I'm going to get take much time off for spring break this year and I will probably end up working writing encoding my way through the entire holiday.

Fortunately I work from home so I do get to see everybody, but it's a little difficult trying to stay focused on work while so many people are buzzing around the house back and forth.  And in a couple more days the house will be empty as my wife takes our kids to see the grandparents and cousins.  Then I will have a bit of a chance to catch up on the marathon of work I've got to cover at that point in time, not that I'm not already in a marathon of work as it is!

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Azrin Speaking at PostieCon

Apr 1, 2007

I just finished watching one of the video episodes of rock start up from PayPerPost. It's been a couple weeks I was kind catching up on all was going on behind the scenes there. I was extremely surprised to learn that one of the Posties named Azrin on the PayPerPost boards is going to be speaking at PostieCon the big paper postevent next summer. This was somewhat surprising in a way but not really, Azrin is often times one of the highest earners on payperpost. He is also one of the more controversial people among the community as some people dislike his blogging style.

Among other things some folks have even accused him of bragging about having paid ranks on some of his blogs that he really doesn't have which is an odd thing to do considering anybody in the world can check in on something like that. I'm not sure what's going on at these a speaker he, then he's a speaker.

Now I didn't quite believe my ears when I heard it so I checked the PostieCon speaker line up and sure enough found it towards the bottom of the third page. Here's the link to the schedule.

Know what you think about that!

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