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PayU2Blog Provides the Most Freedom

Apr 16, 2007

I have recently been very happy with the new blog sponsoring services I've been writing with since about January. The company is called PayU2Blog and their systems and processes in a number of other things are relatively simple. They send you keywords to cover in your articles each week and when you cover those keywords and include a link to the keywords you receive five dollars.

The minimum word count is very low, the lowest in the industry yet most people that write for the service end up writing more because you can write about anything you like in your articles and so you have more freedom with the service and with almost any other service that sponsors bloggers to write.

Plus the company pays out every two weeks or two times a month I believe actually and so there are faster on the pay than many other sites out there as well where the industry tends to pay on average on a monthly basis. All in all if you are looking to get paid to blog this is definitely a service that I would recommend.

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