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Unique Wedding Favors Should be nice

Apr 2, 2007

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Now when I think of a unique wedding favor, I think of something exotic or stranger peculiar.  A unique wedding favor could be a tip to "not get married?!" Or it could be some peculiar and obscene items to be exchanged at a bachelors or bachelorette party.

None of those items are what were talking about that when we mention unique wedding favor for our sponsor at according to their latest release they can help you figure out how to handle this situation with class. 

So if you're like me forget what you're thinking and if you're shopping for a wedding favor check out our sponsor and get your mind in the right area.  Otherwise you're certain to suffer the wrath of your spouse and possibly the people that you're gifting the wedding favor.  If you're the groom, just shut up and listen to your future bride and let her make the choices on this one!  ;)

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