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Exciting New Projects and a Break for the Taxes

Apr 16, 2007

I have been working on some exciting new projects all week long.

I have been starting up several new websites, including one which will help me focus on my summer task of finding a new home in relocating to North Carolina and so I'm going to exercise my ability to establish a Home Loan Focus.

I'm also preparing to cover a lot of how to tips and tricks using Microsoft software and tools.  I have a fairly extensive background and experiences using many different levels of Microsoft software and so I'm going to take a break and cover that at CafeMicrosoft.

I have also been ramping up to improve things and get things running at full speed over at my movie review site where we will feature several dozen writers of various backgrounds, I will be writing under one of the group blogs at HollywoodMoviesUSA - Comedians.

Now of course I am not neglecting my other sites, and there appears to be a great deal of things having on the political front so I do expect to spend a good deal of time over at and in particular at the blog there,  We have recently added several riders including a new writer for the state of Missouri and the state of New York.

I've got lots more cooking, but I still had time to write up pretty funny story this weekend at Comedy Soapbox, this one was inspired when my poor children were subjected to a penile enlargement commercial on the television.

Now the tax man cometh, and I'm getting ready to take a short nap and then I'm going to get up and finish my taxes and get them in in plenty of time for the deadline.  I've got a big day today, and I've been up since about 10PM last night, so it's time to catch quick catnap and then get back at things!

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