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Something About Rhyming words Neuticals, Skinceuticals . . .

Apr 4, 2007

Several years ago my brother had his Boxer fixed. At the time the vet offered up the possibility of selling and implanting something called Neuticals, those things to suppliment what would be cut out to make things look a little more natural and less saggy and empty. My brother passed on that chance partly because the vet was receiving enough money already.

Well now I’m wondering about something that has nothing to do with neuticals but reminded me none the less due to the name. Skinceuticals are a play on the words pharma-ceuticals and skin, combining them together in reverse order. Its basically drugs or suppliments for your skin.

Now I take vitamins these days for my body, but hadn’t really considered that maybe I should be taking something for my skin. Your skin is considered a major organ and you can’t live without it. So while a neutical might be frivolous, I now have to wonder about a skinceuticals? I wonder what my brother’s dog, Thor would think?

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