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Elaborating My Position Against Religion but not necessarily Churches

Apr 29, 2007

As I mentioned before another very good Catholic, in fact I'm not a Catholic at all. So I don't expect to win any catholic medals anytime soon. Having said that much I have been doing quite a bit of work on behalf of the catholic church lately and that is what it is.

I've mentioned many times that I'm not in favor of religion. I'm not against churches it's more the religion that I'm against. I see individual churches is a fine place for people to come together and be social. Obviously this can be hijacked when you bring a crowd of people together you never know what to expect and this creates problems in any religion, but many religions a social gathering produces useful benefits to society.

by the way I'm using the term church is very generically here and I mean that term in my own mind in a way to represent any place that any person comes to visit with other people that have been a practice the same religion to visit socially so I can include a mosque or temple or a holy place or a lake or pond or a mountaintop that matter. It's just a place.

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