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Sheriff Jumps on Self- Ticketing Bandwagon

Apr 11, 2007

Apparently it's getting too hard for one Wisconsin sheriff to meet his monthly ticket quota.  So he gave himself a ticket!
Actually he was involved in a fender bender, he rear-ended someone, which pretty much means that it's his fault.

The officer that did the investigation of the accident didn't ticket to Sheriff (presumably his or her boss).  The sheriff felt bad about that in a couple weeks later wrote himself a ticket for about $160.

One of the weird things about this story is that apparently this type of things happen in Wisconsin before.  It makes me suspect that the Wisconsin police are working on our ratings-based system tied to a ticket quota.

If not, I think that sheriff might be in need of a Florida rental vacation.  I'm sure there's probably something around the police station that states, "you know you need a vacation when you wrote yourself a ticket."

Link to Sheriff gives himself a ticket - Yahoo! News

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