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Missing Too Much- Note to self, Do It All!

Apr 29, 2007

It strikes me over the last two weeks that I have been missing too much.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been racing around like crazy putting in 20 hour days for the last few weeks.

I have been missing too many of the kids events from my son's soccer games, to my daughters ballet and Gymnastic events, even just being around as they play outside.  We are entering a summer long marathon where we are looking to move to North Carolina.  Simultaneously, I'm starting up a new arm of my company and building out the already existing portions of the company.

I am really feeling stretched thin right now, and I put on five pounds.  That's not such a big deal as I can spare the weight.  I did manage to get out and go jogging last week once, but I haven't been up to snuff in that area either.  I need to get on the ball and get ALL of these things done and not just some of these things done.

Note to self, Do It All!

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