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Higher Appreciative Education Coaching

Apr 29, 2007

I mix of keywords! "Higher Appreciative Education Coaching"

I'm referring to a recent press release that I read regarding faculty member of Capella University, Sara Orem, PhD, recently published a book titled Appreciative Coaching: a Positive Process for Change. Capella has put out a press release describing the new book in the new educational approach described in the book for teachers and counselors administrators and others at work in higher education.

The general concept is that teachers and others should appeal to students idealism and try and motivate them to do things for their overall sense of good or well-being or improvement. Basically they're trying to get at a person's passions as they relate to build in a perfect world or a least a better world. It's no good to motivate somebody you with their passions of their passions or negative and it's no good chasing after a positive if there's no passion behind. So this book attempts to get the psychology of how to mix those items together and come up with a positive passionate result.

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