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Apr 29, 2007

This week I have the ironic pleasure to welcome a new sponsor to There's Something about Harry. Our new sponsor is our site accepts almost any sponsor and we do not discriminate based on religion or any other matter.

Personally my family's heritage is one where I am one part Cherokee one part Baptists one part Lutheran one quarter part Catholic and a bunch of parts something else. Personally I don't believe in religion at all myself however there are many of you that do and so far sponsor I'd like to offer up catholic bibles from the

Now I don't really believe in religion myself, I do have my beliefs but they do not involve an organization set up to tell me what to believe and how to act about it. My family actually is in deep roots in this as my great-grandfather removed himself from the Catholic church after he caught a catholic priests stealing money from the poor box, so it's a little bit ironic that I have a new sponsor now is looking for assistance with catholic Bibles. :)

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