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There's No Break in Spring Break this Year

Apr 2, 2007

Spring break is here for my wife and kids this week as they're all off from school.  However yours truly is stuck behind a computer working at a frantic pace.  It doesn't look like I'm going to get take much time off for spring break this year and I will probably end up working writing encoding my way through the entire holiday.

Fortunately I work from home so I do get to see everybody, but it's a little difficult trying to stay focused on work while so many people are buzzing around the house back and forth.  And in a couple more days the house will be empty as my wife takes our kids to see the grandparents and cousins.  Then I will have a bit of a chance to catch up on the marathon of work I've got to cover at that point in time, not that I'm not already in a marathon of work as it is!

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